Differnce between Organic seo and ppc

Organic SEO or PPC? What is the Difference?

Let us clear the confusion once and for all. Both organic SEO and PPC aim at generating traffic. But there is a difference: It doesn’t cost you anything to generate traffic through SEO (organic), while the traffic you get from PPC is not free; you need to pay for every click on your ad. Thus the difference is all between organic search engine listings and paid search engine listings (or Paid Search Advertising).

However, both SEO and PPC belong to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), an essential element of an Internet Marketing campaign.

Display Positions

In fact, the difference between SEO and PPC can be explained in terms of the ad position in search results, cost, traffic potential, conversion rate, and ease of use. PPC Ads can appear above and below the organic results, while organic results appear in the middle. The display position of your PPC ad is dependent on multiple factors such as the targeted keywords, keywords in your ad copy and landing page etc.), but it is always displayed either on top or below the organic results. 

Whether your organic SEO listing appears among the first few or even on the first page is decided by the degree of on-site and off-page optimisation of your website. In other words, you can get the first page or top of the first-page position based on your site SEO, while your ad can appear on the first page if you go for a higher cost per click (CPC).

SEO Traffic Requires Efforts

Again, SEO traffic is free and PPC traffic is paid. But getting SEO traffic is not a mean task, and requires great effort to generate free traffic from search engines. There is high competition for every keyword that people use for searching, and unless you have an optimized website and an effective SEO plan, getting the top position is almost impossible.

With the difference now clear, it is up to you to decide on SEO or PPC. If you don’t have any SEO expertise, then Volga Tigris, the best SEO agency in Dubai offering reliable SEO services in Dubai, can help you with impactful SEO strategies for higher search ranking for your site.

On the other hand, if you are looking for PPC ads, our team of experts can offer you the best PPC management services in Dubai and help you increase traffic and leads. We are the most preferred provider of PPC services in Dubai.

Google Ads

If we look at Google Ads, the most popular PPC system, the ad position depends on keyword popularity, the number of competing advertisers who use the particular keywords, the number of websites that have ad positions for the particular keyword etc.

Obviously, the advantage of PPC is the control over your payment, which is based on the number of clicks the ad receives, not the views. You can also decide in advance your daily budget and pay exactly that amount only. Further, PPC marketing allows you to calculate an estimate of the average cost per click for the keywords you need to target. Thus, organic SEO is free, but there is an indirect SEO cost involved. You need to pay for SEO services. On the other hand, for PPC, you pay only for the clicks on your ad.  The Google keyword tool allows you to calculate your PPC budget.

Traffic & Conversions

Clearly, organic SEO can generate more traffic than PPC. So, if your website is optimized for the keywords and gets the top ranking in search results, you will get much more traffic than you do by paying for those keywords via PPC ads. However, in terms of conversions, PPC is better if the ads are properly targeted and optimized.

Undoubtedly, PPC can get better and faster results. So we suggest you run a PPC campaign first to get a feel of those keywords that bring more conversions, and then go for site optimization based on them.


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