New SEO Strategy

New Era Dynamics in SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique to enhance the quality and quantity of website traffic by bringing advanced visibility of the website on the search engines.

SEO has emerged through an evolutionary process. In the primary stage of the digital era, SEO largely relied on keywords and the visibility of a page was based on those keywords. For instance, if you are running a cleaning service business, your website content would be highlighted with keywords connected to the services you are providing.

Meanwhile, advancement in the digital industry reflects some changes in Search Engine Optimisation too. Today, SEO is more than mere keyword insertion. Its focus is mainly on authentic content creation, performance metrics, conversion rates, and wide user experience. So, what is the changing strategy in 2020?

SEO in New Era

With the advent of the BERT algorithm and SEO strategies, in 2019, Google wanted to study how these two techniques optimize content for specific algorithms worldwide. Google comes to the finding that algorithm keeps changing and the solution for keeping your website successfully optimized is not to re-learn all aspects of the algorithm but to reaffirm your website is relying on the user along with it is mandatory to check the technical quality of your website. In short, you need to reevaluate the users searching access points and regulate your content based on it.

When user-focused SEO is taken into consideration, the primary aspect to take care of is acquiring high-quality traffic by using the mode of focused and valuable experiences on the site. The second thing is, to construct an area that enables the user to associate the content which is honestly relevant to them, and this will generate user satisfaction and later into conversion. Abundant search options are available on the sites, so to attract users it is important to place your content to cater to their needs.  For this, you need a well-structured site and reliable content.

When creating content bring the user into your mind – address the queries like what is the motive, when, and why they are searching. Not only Keywords are ranking the sites, but also the contents. Well-delivered and genuine contents bring interest to users. Before preparing content, we as SEO consultants in Dubai should consider customer satisfaction, their motives, and how their website and contents help users in their business.

After all, SEO is the new era is relied on catering to the needs of users and is based on user intent. More and more research on the target market of a business and customer satisfaction are needed when SEO specialists create a website and deliver content. When customer queries are addressed in your mind you will get a clear idea about how your website and contents should be and the final product will be a perfect fit for the customers. In this way, you will get quality leads and can convert them easily.

Follow this method and focus on the worries and needs of users at every point of their buying. Double-check whether your website addresses customers’ worries and queries and provides them solutions or not. Give them the impression that you are on their side always by delivering content that shows you can help them and depict yourself as a leader in this area which will help you to maintain a long-term client.

Genuine Content Delivery

Genuine content is the soul of SEO in this era. Content refers to anything that is displayed on your site, whether it can be product details, company profile, internal linking, blogs or site structure.

To boost your SEO, you have to display genuine and valuable content to customers. Make sure only the best content is shown on your website this will help you to compete for long-tail searches. Long-tail searches are search phrases with longer word counts. When you prepare content that answers questions, you can build your site authority and it will return great benefit.

By taking the advantage of this method in preparing content, Google will rank your website in higher positions because your site satisfies user queries.

How to ascertain your users’ content search:

  • Primarily understand your target market and find out how they search online for products and services.
  • Learn why users are asking particular questions and what problems they are facing to solve through search.
  • Bring up relevant answers or solutions in a format that can easily digest them. For instance, your target market is looking for downloading a PDF document or directly wants to go for a blog article that can answer their queries in an easy way.

SEO in this new era focuses more on quality content and optimizing it for the users other than for search engines.

Today’s search engines are more prone to natural language and the way a user searches online, higher quality, and genuine content-producing site win and ranks higher in position than its competitors.

User Experience and Technical SEO

User Experience (UX) is a major part of the new era of SEO strategy. UX is all about how users experience a product. It can be a website or a mobile app. It begins from interaction with search engines to the first experience of your landing page and what experience does user has when leaving the page. Does the product make the user feel excited or happy? (Will they receive an email notification or are they targeted by a remarketing campaign?) SEO should know how your user gets the best experience from your site adding value to their life.

Technical SEO is a major part of UX. It means improving the technical base of a website in order to increase the ranking of its pages in search engines. It provides a speedy site; web developers do this job like redesign the page and reengineering the site.

This is the reason SEO audits have become fundamental. A proper SEO audit helps you to find does your site is following the best practices or not. At Volga Tigris, we assure our SEO clients a 20-point checklist that is designed to ensure your website is tested at every point that it can impact its position on the search engines.


If you are aiming to beat the Google ranks, we are with you. We will expedite everything mandatory to ensure maximum SEO impact for your business. Contact Volga Tigris today and kick start your SEO odyssey.



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