Mobile Application Development Process

Process of Creating a Mobile App How Does a Concept Become a Mobile App?

First of all, it’s important to remember that mobile commerce revenue is thriving compared to network revenue. It is clear that smartphones are being used more and more around the world. In addition, users spend an average of two and a half hours on their mobile phones. In any case, the mobile application market continues to grow and is also the center of business innovation and digital transformation. However, to go from dream to reality, you will have to overcome many obstacles in order to offer an intuitive application, which will interest your target. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you create a mobile strategy that meets your expectations. This article describes the most important steps for creating a mobile app.

Here are the 7 essential steps to developing a great quality app.

  • Describe your project – During this phase of mobile app development, describe your application project in detail and in writing mode. The more detailed your draft, the simpler the next steps will be. Provide as much information as possible on the various functionalities of your future application on all technical and aesthetic aspects such as technology stacks, requirements, and wireframes that help you and your development team follow the same path and expect the same results.
  • Eliminate non-essential characteristics – Mention the essential features and leave out anything that is secondary. To do this, take a close look at the prototype of your application and identify all the features that can be left out, leaving only the options with high added value. Optional functions may be added in future updates. This will help you control the costs of mobile app development.
  • Give the highest priority to the design of the application – Design is of utmost importance because it is not only a question of aesthetics but also a valuable means of improving the user experience. Remember, your app must be downloaded and used to become profitable. Therefore, at this point, the designer creates the UI and UX design concept for the app based on wireframes. At this level, we focus on mobile application design and actual development. 
  • Prepare a summary of your mobile application for developers – In this mobile application development phase, produce a document in which you mention the circumstances that inspired you, your target audience, and the usefulness of your app to the audience. The characteristics of the application, the prototypes, and the budget available to you must also be part of the document. In summary, if you haven’t done so, complete your specifications started in step 2 with your sources of inspiration, your goals, and the envelope you have. Communicate this document to the mobile app development companies in Dubai to obtain a quote and a deadline. However, when reviewing quotes, don’t just look at the price. Take into account the deadlines, guarantees, and experience of the app development companies.
  • Integrate the analysis into your mobile application – In modern mobile application development cycles, every little bit of application development must be integrated with its analysis simultaneously. So, an analysis must be performed around the same time as development. This speeds up the development and quality assurance process by making it easier to spot discrepancies in small pieces of code instead of making changes to large code at the end of development. However, quality assurance professionals also perform tests on the entire product to ensure that everything is working properly together. You’ll definitely need a way to track your app’s stats: number of downloads, engagement rate, reviews, uptime, etc. Not only can this process specifically detect product anomalies, but it can also follow the user’s “public path.” In this case, you have the option to correct the regression with regular updates. 
  • Ask for consumer feedback – Once your mobile app development is completed and your product is online on Google Play Store and/or on the App Store, user reviews, especially during the starting phase, will provide you with valuable information to optimize your application. You will know the changes or improvements to be made to your product. Remember to provide notifications during use to invite mobile users to rate and leave a comment on your application. Also, don’t neglect ASO (App Store Optimization) so that your app is more easily found and downloaded by users.
  • Validate your idea of ​​a mobile application – This step in mobile application development consists of making sure that the application you want to develop will meet a need. For example, you can use Google Keyword Planner (or other keyword research techniques) to get information on how many people are looking for your idea. If there is indeed a request, the requests formulated will provide you with a list of keywords useful for the SEO of your application. They can be placed in the description on mobile stores but also on the landing page of your website.


There are many peculiarities, internal processes, and unexpected details in developing apps that are not obvious to people working outside the mobile industry. This article provided you with a guide to mobile app development and everything you need to prepare for it so that you can take it into account when planning your budget.


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