Latest wordpress version and plugins

Latest WordPress Version and Related Plugins

Today every company needs to have an online presence no matter their field of expertise. The primary way to do that is to have a website set up for your products and services. That's where WordPress comes into the picture. It is the most popular website building application today and is accurate to the title. 

The WordPress platform is constantly under update. You might observe that when you visit your dashboard, you often find yourself with a notification that asks you to check your WordPress updates. Not just that, but WordPress offers you over 59,000 plugins that ensure your website's compatibility for SEO, improved performance, improved traffic, and many other features. And once you start to optimize the elements, your google website ranking will improve.

How to Update a WordPress Website

Now that you know WordPress needs constant updating, how would you do it? It's as simple as going to your dashboard and clicking on the update button. Once you do that, the WordPress application starts to scan all the available files, download the latest versions and remove the older one's thus keeping you up to date with the new functionalities. But make sure to take an insurance form before you update so that even if something goes wrong, you have a backup policy at hand.

Here are a few features that the latest version of WordPress offers to your advantage.

The Latest Version of WordPress and its Features

●      Template editing

When you open the WordPress application, you observe that multiple templates are available for you. In the latest version of WordPress, the way you create these templates is made much simpler with the help of blocks. The editor’s UI is straightforward to use, and you don’t have to put in much effort to edit the components. Therefore, by simplifying the customized themes feature, Template editing is the best plugin available for you today.

●      Theme blocks

If you have a website, you will have a set of audiences who use that website. At times you will have to retrieve this data and present them on the screen. That’s where theme blocks help you as it assists in the dynamic visibility of the database information. It has tag functionalities, and therefore you can add posts, feature images, extra tags, etc., to your content.

●      Query loop

You use the latest WordPress version because of its query loop feature while developing a website. It helps you create customized blog content (posts) without writing complex code (or hiring a developer). You may ask me that with WordPress loop doing the same, what’s the specialty of Query loop? Query loop has visual context for the blog editor, enabling it to circle through every post you retrieve from the database and display the data.

●      Security and anonymity

In the recent version of WordPress, the developers used the REST API to fix data exposure to vulnerability hence protecting it from potential hackers. With upstream security fixes included in each branch of the Lodash library, the newer version offers you a better shield against cyber attacks.

How Does the Latest Version Assist in SEO

With so many website development applications online, why is WordPress more popular? WordPress plugins help you add new features to your website and help you out with the SEO aspect of your content. They offer various features like,

● Improved user experience

● Less response time

● Active Permalink creation

● Easy to manage quality for metadata

● Image optimization

● Faster load time

● Easy mobile user conversion

● Social media campaign integration

● SEO-specific plugins, etc.

With the help of those features, it is easier for you to manage and improve your website's ranking on the google search engine.

Latest Plugins in WordPress

Wordpress version and related plugins


●      WP-Rocket

The plugin is the newest addition to the recent 5.8 version of WordPress and is a premium one. It helps you boost the speed of your website, and your search engine indexing will improve by a wider margin. Almost 1 million WordPress websites today are using the plugin for improved performance.

●      Yoast SEO

One main reason why people prefer WordPress website development is the Yoast SEO plugin. The plugin has a 5.5 million audience base and is an easy-to-use version of the Rank Math plugin. Based on your target keywords, Yoast SEO suggests a few SEO recommendations that may help optimize the content.

●      Gravity Forms

One of the main challenges that the previous version of WordPress presented is a more straightforward way to create contact forms. That is where Gravity forms will help you. The plugin will help you customize the fields of a contact form based on your necessity. There is a Hub spot integration feature as well.

●      WooCommerce

There are so many E-Commerce websites online, and having WooCommerce will set your eCommerce website apart from the others. As an online store owner, it has all the features that you require to run your business. With multiple payment gateways and easy-to-understand administration UI, it is one of the best plugins available to you.

●      Adobe fonts

WordPress previously gave you a choice between the standard forms that are available in all the editors. But with Adobe fonts, you can also use the customized forms to improve your website's look (professionalism). The fonts are fully accessible and are licensed. But to use this, you must have an adobe creative cloud account set up.

Therefore, WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms you will find online to develop your personal or company's website. The features present in the latest version of WordPress will help you out with better website performance. We recommend that you approach the best WordPress development services in Dubai to help you out with the process. With their expertise, the process will be much simpler. Volga Tigris is one such agency, and it is the best digital marketing company in Dubai with the best customer service.


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