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Latest Trends in Local SEO

The evolution of human behaviour can never be limited, especially regarding internet search behaviour. With the online evolution over the last year, local SEO has strengthened its footing more as SEO is witnessing massive changes and upgrades. Although many think investing in SEO is enough to gain traffic and enhance ranking on SERPs, there are some clear differences between SEO and local SEO practices that can affect your business drastically.

When a business wants to gain traffic from all around the world, they can use the best SEO services in Dubai to optimize their pages, whether the users access from USA or Japan. On the contrary, if a business wants to target their local audiences, even though they offer services, their business pages are primarily targeted to local customers. So locals could find the site at the top search results when they look for certain services. Here are some top local SEO Trends you need to keep up with and achieve higher rankings in SERPs. 

  • The Importance of Relevant Content is Now High

2021 has marked some major changes in internet marketing, and the same can be said about local SEO trends, where search engines take tougher steps in ranking websites in 2022. For any type of content that has inappropriate titles, subheadings, content, and links, popular search engines will identify them and remove them right away. Rank Brain, like AI, is now implemented by Google to get improvised filtering, so Google can rank up relevant content to the top. SEO practices have also changed thanks to Panda and Penguin Google algorithm updates, which would filter out irrelevant contents which do not serve your users. 

Thus, you can use a reliable SEO company in Dubai to put out relevant contents that are comprehensive and detailed. Your content should have the right length and structure where the sections are divided into H1, H2, H3, and so on to effectively offer the user relevant results they are searching for. 

  • Voice Search Optimization is Essential

Voice search optimization is already growing in practice in 2021, so in 2022, this technology will be everywhere. Thus, it is one of the most sought-after trends that companies should invest in to increase local traffic. When you offer voice search reliability to the customers, they can easily find new local businesses. A reliable SEO company in Dubai can help you with implementing this local SEO trend too. It would be more beneficial to use the question-and-answer approach to organize your local SEO. Moreover, you can incorporate a FAQ website optimized with your keywords that would help you rank higher. 

  • Customized Search Results Are on the Rise

As mentioned above, Google has started putting out the effort to only rank relevant content; its approaches are not only working on relevancy but also on bringing custom search results. This means Google would not only extract useful results, but as per users' search terms, or user search history and indexed virtual personas. You have to use the proper link-building technique and intent identification to boost your local SEO.  

  • Video Contents are More Effective

Today, every individual is aware of Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. So you can tell how internet users are spending maximum time on social media apps. There are many examples to see where video posts work on generating better engagement rather than image-based or text-based research posts. Video contents are more intriguing and take less time to completely satisfy a viewer's experience. Your audience can multitask while getting the information they need from you. Delivering visual information is quicker and easier than having the audience read and process the information themselves. This is why video content dominating local search engine optimization in 2022. You can use SEO services to incorporate video content for your business. 

  • User Experience Needs to Get More Priority

User Experience would never lose its priority in trends. Thus, you must incorporate an easy-to-use website that offers a good user experience. Google initiated the EAT idea, which includes search intent, user experience, mobile convenience, and wait time as ranking considerations. In order to give a rich online experience, you must give importance to all those factors. When visitors get a systematic user experience, motivate them to stay longer and engage more with your website. It gives good relevancy to your website to Google. As a result, Google rewards you with upgrading your ranking.

  • Optimizing Your Mobile-friendly Site

When your customers go about their day and suddenly need to make a purchase or get information about something, they are most likely to use their mobile device at that time to conduct the search. Studies show that 52.2% of website traffic comes specifically from mobile devices. Such statistics are big evidence that you need to invest in designing your mobile site and making your service mobile-friendly. In addition to that, many search engines have indexed new sites with mobile indexing. This means that your website can have a high chance to get displayed first if you have a proper mobile design and not just a desktop design. Google also looks at the consumer experience with the mobile website to rank it. Thus, you have to make easy-to-navigate mobile themes and designs that load quickly, and the font is big enough. Make sure your important links and information can be easy to find.

  • Setting Up Google My Business Profile

Google My Business has risen to the top of local search, and no one can deny this new trend for local SEO. You now know that Google only prefers to share verifiable material. So you can use Google My Business as a tool to help your business meet Google's requirements. It would help you in more ways that are just boosting your SEO. Rather than just getting feedback, and updating your contact details and your business hours up to date, you can make it easier for customers to contact you online. It is very important for customers to find the most up-to-date information. Google My Business profile is very important for your business if you want to be known in the market.

  • ORM Still Matters

Studies have shown that about 90% of consumers read through online reviews to establish which website is credible and helpful to the consumer's needs. Not just Google, but most of the popular search engines know that. Due to this particular reason, it matters most how your business is being mentioned online, as it could directly impact on your search ranking. You can take help from an SEO agency to offer you proper ORM service. They can help you link your review to sites like Yelp and Facebook, so you can also link your website to those reviews as well as a link to Google. When you respond to your feedback professionally, it would increase engagement and show Google that your business handles complaints and engages with customers. Now that brand engagement matters most, and Google values it, you should not ignore your company feedback.  

Suppose you are new to SEO marketing and having a hard time understanding how you can navigate your way around concerning all the above trends that would potentially change the way search engine ranking works; you can always contact a reliable SEO service provider. In order to effectively target local customers, it's wise for you to implement all the trendy tricks that would shape local SEO in 2022. 


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