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Business Growth: Know the 7 Awesome Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Online shopping is gaining momentum, and to be successful you need to promote your business among shopping-ready customers who search online for products and services similar to what you offer.

Just posting ads on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook won’t work anymore. Additionally, you need to exploit the power and reach of Google Shopping Ads to generate more sales and revenue. Displayed often within a search query in Google, Google Shopping Campaigns grab the attention of customers who have a shopping intent.

Let us look at the 7 amazing benefits of Google Shopping Ads:


  1. Favourable Customer Intent

Google Shopping Ads are directed at customers who are looking for products with the intention of buying them. Google Shopping Ads are unlike common ads, because they are highly relevant to the customer.

Irrelevant ads are usually annoying, and users just scroll past them, whereas Google Shopping Ads show ads for only those products that users search for. They carry the image and price of the product, and the user is compelled to click on the ad, whereupon he/she is directed to the related business site.

With shopping-happy customers landing on your product page by clicking on the desired product ad, the chances of buying are much higher.


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience is crucial in deciding the success of digital marketing.


If a customer clicks on an ad and is led to a general shopping page, it doesn’t make for a good customer experience, as he/she must again look for the specific product on that page. Google Shopping Ads, on the other hand, take the user to the exact product page shown on the ad. Customers feel happy and stress-free, and they are sure to make a purchase.

Obviously, offering great customer experience while shopping is the surest means to build a loyal customer base. 


  1. Increased Product Exposure

Unlike text ads that are shown based on keywords, Google Ads are not based on keyword bidding. In fact, Google recognizes the keywords associated with your products, and can precisely consider synonyms as well. Also, multiple Google Ads for products of the same category are shown together


  1. Smart and Hassle-free

Digital marketing using Google Shopping Ads is much easier as it is devoid of the complexities of keyword research and bidding. You just need to submit all the relevant product information to Google, and it does the keyword research for you.


  1. Better Product Communication

Text ads can be misleading, at times, and they may fail to correctly communicate product characteristics and features. But Google ads are clearer and they allow customers to have a better idea about the product with quality images and price tags. 


  1. Higher ROI

Compared to text ads, Google Shopping Ads offer better ROI. Remember, for text ads, you need to bid on keywords and spend time on keyword research. Also, text ads are not that engaging.

Google Shopping Ads are highly engaging, and with a single click customers land on your product buying page. 


  1. Designed to win

Google Shopping Ads easily get noticed by the most potential customers, and the chances of them actually buying your products are much higher. In this way, you can beat the competition and strongly establish your brand and business in the market.

Professionally crafted innovative Google Ads can significantly enhance your online store. 


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