Implementing virtual reception in Dubai

How to Implement Virtual Reception in Dubai?

When you hear the word receptionist, probably the first thing that comes into your mind would be a lady with a pleasant smile and a professional dress code, a well-groomed appearance and a neat & clean front office. 

A receptionist manages many tasks than meeting and greeting the visitors. Most of these functions are very important as it mark an impression about the professionalism of the company. The advancement of technologies and the impact of the Covid-019 pandemic not only reduced the scope of direct meetings but also forced entrepreneurs and executives to look for cost-optimized options. This has contributed to the necessity and growth of virtual administrative services such as virtual phone services or online receptionist services.

Virtual Receptionist and Job Description

A Virtual Receptionist service, in simple words, can be defined as the service of a receptionist offered remotely. The function of a virtual receptionist is more than just that of a call answering service. Activities of virtual receptionists include the following tasks:

  • Call management: Attending calls, screening & prioritizing them, helping them with the necessary information, taking down & relaying messages, transferring or routing calls, etc.
  • Updating directory, call registers, and CRM Systems.
  • Schedule & Manage appointments
  • Managing travel and accommodation

Benefits of Virtual Reception Service

A virtual receptionist or virtual reception assistant attends filters and prioritizes your calls. This allows you to devote your precious time to other important tasks. It is also helpful during travel for business or leisure as your outsourced receptionist will manage your calls. Cost-Effectiveness is another benefit since by choosing virtual services, you will be exempted from the expenses of recruitment, salary and perquisites, overhead and infrastructure cost, stationeries and supplies. Hence, the cost of virtual receptionist services is more affordable than employing a regular receptionist.

It also eases you from the hassle of recruitment and training since the virtual receptionist service provider offers a service of well-nurtured professionals, who are easily adaptable to your business terms. Availability is a major advantage as most of the live receptionist services offer all days a year, round-the-clock service. You need not worry about the support during the holidays or a receptionist goes on leave. Language is an important factor, especially for those who have clients across the world as the service provider would be able to provide support to receptionists proficient in different languages.

Benefits of Tying Up With Virtual Reception Service Providers in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most preferred business destinations in the world due to its geographical location, connectivity with the rest of the world, and availability of state-of-the-art technology and human resources. It is important to have a base in Dubai for many businesses but some of the establishments may not require a dedicated office also. Virtual Reception Services in Dubai are beneficial for such business houses. The virtual receptionists' service providers in Dubai offer various types of services from virtual phone assistance to a group of dedicated virtual receptionists.


Implementation of virtual reception service in Dubai


virtual reception in Dubai

Administrative services, such as virtual phone services and virtual reception services, are permitted in Dubai if they are linked to a real physical office. Implementing virtual reception services in Dubai is a hassle-free affair due to the availability of modern technology and professional manpower.

The first you would need to take before proceeding with the sourcing of a remote receptionist service is to prepare a document with the details such as the scope of assignment, expectations, etc. Then gather information about the virtual receptionist companies operating in Dubai and shortlist the agencies that meet your required criteria. Verify the credentials of the short-listed service providers to ensure that they have required registrations and approvals in place and that they are currently valid. The mandatory registrations and approvals are Trade licenses, VAT registrations, lease agreements, approval from relevant departments for recruitment/employment, provision of such services, and so forth. The other important point that needs to consider ensuring the service quality and terms of the service provider. They are: 

Infrastructure: To ensure the service provider leverages the latest technology in terms of hardware and software systems to ensure uninterrupted quality service including internet and call connectivity, call recording, IVR, etc. 

  • Manpower: They employ well-trained / nurtured professionals, and have proficiency in the languages necessary for your business. Also Aware of Dubai / United Arab Emirates, its history, traditions, and rules.
  • Availability: Whether the support is available during the required timelines with less response time and easily accessible.
  • Reports: The service provider is able to share required reports in real-time or within the agreed timeframe with online access and dashboard facilities.

In addition to the above, it would always be helpful to verify the track record of the service provider and its promotions from various online and offline reviews and through personal contacts.

Using the services of virtual receptionists has become a need in order to become more productive and reach bigger business goals. Volga Tigris offers the state an art virtual reception service in Dubai. Contact us to know about the facilities offered and competitive virtual receptionist pricing.


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