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How Long Should Your Videos Be? Ideal Lengths for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube

Video marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness and make consumers feel connected to the products and services they are promoting. Whether it is attracting customers or growing numbers, all companies redouble their efforts to increase video views.

In general, the ideal length for a video depends on the media and its size. But what is the ideal video length to post to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram? Details of the ideal and possible video durations on the different social media marketing platforms are as below:


Ideal duration: 30 seconds

Curiosity: Instagram marketing videos generate twice as much photo sharing on other social media marketing platforms.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms, and it has a high level of sharing. The big difference with the app is that, unlike other media, the focus is on visual meaning. Thanks to this, it moves faster than any other social network.

In short, content consumption on Instagram is fast. This means that the video should be shortened by 30 seconds. Here it is worth the bet on the interaction, an entertaining and engaging video that enthrals users. Otherwise, you’ll continue on your journey without paying too much attention to your letter.

Instagram Story

Ideal duration: 15 seconds

Curiosity: 35% of Instagram users watch videos and create them in articles

One of the resources available after Facebook acquired Instagram is Stories, which is a popular Snapchat-style version. For this model, the maximum size and the ideal size are the same. It is short in itself and creates a good compromise on the part of the user.

The video here is more informal and usually shows the people behind the business. Don’t be afraid to show your face to your followers!


Ideal Duration: 2 minutes

Curiosity: YouTube watches over 1 million hours of video every day.

The ideal YouTube video length is 15 minutes, but you can increase this limit by viewing your account. To illustrate the ideal length for YouTube, consider personalization, which is a huge benefit for social media marketing.

Users can browse their favourite content at any time. This is even more important on YouTube, which is a platform where users are surrounded by other video content options.

That’s why, instead of creating long videos with different descriptions, try to focus on playlists and break them down into smaller content. This way, the user has the opportunity to choose to display them in the order they want.


Ideal duration: 1 minute

Curiosity: 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound

Despite a relatively long maximum length, when opting for Facebook marketing, videos have a high engagement rate when you average 1 minute.

The explanation is simple. While browsing the news feed, users do not want to ingest large amounts of information and focus on one piece of content for long periods of time. Users use social media during business hours, in bank lines, or when chatting with friends. The goal when searching for the most important social networks for Mark Zuckerberg is to sample appetizers. None of this prevents you from asking users to consume more content at another time.

One suggestion: The practice is not valid for live video. The live video can be longer due to the high rate of engagement and participation.


Ideal duration: 45 seconds

Curiosity: 93% of Twitter videos are consumed by mobile devices

Twitter has restrictions on characters. It’s not pointless for it to also be called a mini-blog. There is a reason for this: It’s a fast-consuming social network. For this reason, videos also tend to average 45 seconds. These are quick updates that, like song lyrics, require you to go straight to the target.

Among the major social media marketing platforms, Twitter only allows users to choose algorithm suitability or chronological order. So, if you choose the second format, the content will definitely reach them. Therefore, take this opportunity to keep the line provided by the platform. Be brief when sending a message.

Conclusion - For Better Use of the Video Over Social Media

The extent of consumer interest these days is very short. Posting an eye-catching video can get your content spread through word of mouth. To optimize, the video should actually be about 30 seconds on Instagram, 45 seconds on Twitter, 1 minute on Facebook, and 2 minutes on YouTube. You can rely on social media marketing services to optimize your video durations on various social media platforms.



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