Factors affecting website performance

Factors Affecting Website Performance

When you build a website, you do it to get a digital presence for your company’s products and services. So, your primary focus should be your customers over the internet. Did you know that an average user waits for three seconds at maximum for the web page to load? Yes. You heard it right. Even a second delay can make them close the tab without thinking twice. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website performance or, more specifically, your website loading speed should not be more than 3 seconds.

You have to make sure that your website is user-friendly and that your web design is just right. But when you talk about your website and the user experience, you should also look into thecontent quality. The copywriting tools you use significantly impact the quality of the user search intent content you put up on the website.

Here are a few factors that affect the performance of your website.

CSS and Javascript in Your Website Code

When a developer talks about UX/UI design, most of them tend to concentrate on heavy CC/Javascript usage. Styling is essential, we agree, but a website’s speed is much more critical. Therefore, if you want to improve the performance of your system, avoid putting up the code in the above-the-fold content.

Bad Hosting Platform

When you create a website, you need a server to host it. You look for a server to store and retrieve your data in a faster way. One of the main reasons for your web page performance degradation is server hosting issues. Every website has its functionalities. Therefore the server or the hosting platform that you use should be compatible with your website. Because not all companies use a shared hosting platform, few might need a specialized server if they have tons of data to process.

Weak Coding Standards and Usage of Heavy Plugins

You may not realize, that not all developers are good at writing efficient code. One of the main reasons for a website to crash is poor coding structure. Not just that, but when people use online tools like WordPress to create their websites, they tend to overuse the widgets and plugins. That will slow down your performance. So make sure to use the necessary ones.


In some cases, other websites tend to link their images or content to your websites. At that time, the server your website uses is getting a request from your website plus other websites that use your content. Therefore, if your website passes around 100 requests by itself, then when someone hotlinks your images or content, the server receives around a thousand requests instead of a hundred. That will reduce the speed of the website drastically. So make sure to code your website to deny the privilege.

So if you ever get a doubt regarding your website’s speed and performance, then make sure to check up with all the above factors. Remember, your website should also be mobile-friendly because not everyone may use a PC to browse.


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