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Facebook Advertising Strategies in 2023

Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

The popularity of Facebook marketing in Dubai is on the rise, and several digital agencies offer Facebook advertising services to cater to this demand. Facebook is a preferred advertising channel for marketers as it is the social media network with the most active users, and is also linked with another popular social media platform Instagram. 

Marketers need to understand the best Facebook ad strategies to ensure they get the best ROI on their Facebook Ads. Volga Tigris, a digital marketing agency in Dubai, is reputed as the best Facebook advertising agency in Dubai sought after by leading businesses for impactful Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook advertising is great to build brand awareness, and offers several advantages including features like targeted advertising, eCommerce integration, data analytics and more, and is quite effective for both customer acquisition and retention. 

Now let’s examine some of the major Facebook ad strategies that can work in 2023.

Ad Personalization

This is a winning strategy. With many ad targeting options and features like the core audience, Facebook allows you to connect with a clearly defined audience based on location, demographics, customer interests and behaviour, and FB connections. 

Focus on your Core Audience using Facebook’s Audience Insights tool that offers you useful data about your current followers such as location, demographics, etc.

Core Audience targeting can be a key element of your Facebook ads strategy. You can precisely target based on life events. Your ads must fit the relevant contexts in which your products are used. Interestingly enough, Facebook ads can be targeted as per the weather conditions even, using third-party tools. Yet another strategy is to target audiences based on hobbies that can be identified through insights from analytics.

Focus on Repeat Customers 

Make the most of Facebook Custom Audiences, which are FB user groups who are familiar with your brand. These users have been to your website before, engaged with your Facebook page or posts, purchased your products, or did some form of engagement with your brand. Target various custom audiences with custom ad campaigns.

Formulate your FB ad strategies based on the four types of Custom Audiences:

  • Website Audiences. Based on users who have already visited your website or page.
  • App activity Audience. Users who have used your mobile app or taken a specific action using the mobile app.
  • Customer list Audience. User group created from imported customer list spreadsheets.
  • Engagement Audiences. These are user groups who have previously engaged with your Facebook content or ads in some way.

‘Lookalike’ Targeting

Another effective FB ad strategy focuses on lookalike audiences. These user groups are new segments created from your Custom Audiences having similar characteristics and suitable for targeted ads. Most FB marketers use the same ads for their Lookalike Audiences as they do for other targets.

Lookalike targeting is a strong Facebook ad strategy to acquire new customers, as the group’s preferences are already known. You can target either a smaller but more specific group, or go for a larger variance to target a broader audience. Facebook allows for up to 500 Lookalike Audiences.

Retarget Previous Visitors 

Retargeting is a powerful Facebook ad strategy. Here, you connect with users who have already visited your site or interacted with your Facebook or Instagram page which is great for building customer relationships. Retargeting can be done based on multiple criteria including Facebook likes, products added to the cart, checkouts, pages visited etc.

For instance, to promote or sell a certain product, retargeting those users who have visited that product page makes sense. 

Facebook Ad Library

Knowing what your competitors are up to is helpful to create your Facebook ad strategies, and crafting customized and powerful brand/product promotion campaigns. In 2018, Facebook launched Facebook Ad Library (now Meta Ad Library), showing all the current and past Facebook ads run by advertisers.

It allows ad search based on keywords and offers filtering based on location and four ad categories based on issues, elections or politics; housing; employment; and credit. For your Facebook ad strategy to be effective, you need to be aware of the ads of your direct and indirect competitors. Analyze when each ad started running, the ad platforms, and the status of the ads. A SWOT analysis can help you craft the best ad.

Refine Your Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook ad strategy can become more effective only if it is regularly optimized for performance. You need to have a strong grasp of what works and what doesn’t, and then make changes in line with those insights. There are cases when Facebook video ads may work better than photo ads and vice versa. All content types will not perform at the same level of efficiency. 

Optimization and fine-tuning of your Facebook advertising can be done based on the cost of your ads. The ideal optimization is to achieve the best results for a lower cost-per-click (CPC). Volga Tigris offers the best Facebook Advertising solutions that are optimized for better customer engagement, brand promotion and conversions. 



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