Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Do you want to advertise your products or services on the internet, but you hesitate between advertising on Facebook (Facebook Ads) and advertising on Google (Google Ad Words)? This article is made for you.

The fact is, there is no exact answer unveiling which is more better- Facebook ads or Google ads. However, it’s imperative to understand the difference between the way advertising works on the two platforms to understand what’s best for your business to achieve its goals.

1. Budget and Average CPC

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads (if we generally use that term, the real name of Facebook’s advertising platform is actually Facebook Business) are both based on the cost per click (CPC) model. You are only billed when the user clicks on the ad. If 100,000 people see your ad (in Google results or their Facebook newsfeed), but none of them click on it, you don’t pay. Regardless, the cost of an advertising campaign on these two platforms depends heavily on the value of the CPC. All other things being constant, the higher the CPC, the more expensive the campaign.

You should know that, in general, the CPC is higher on Google AdWords than on Facebook Business. So, if you have a small budget (say between 400 and 1000 euros), it may seem appropriate to favor Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai over Google AdWords.

2. The Industry and the Competition

To make your choice, you must also take into account the industry in which you operate and the level of competition. In some very competitive sectors or sub-sectors, CPCs on Google AdWords is very high. This is the case, for example, in the legal and financial sectors where it is not uncommon to have CPCs amounting to tens or even hundreds of euros. If you are working in a very competitive industry, it may again be more beneficial for you to use Facebook Ads rather than Google AdWords.

3. Your Goals

After taking into account your budget, your industry, and the competition, you need to set the goals you want to achieve by advertising digitally. This will help you determine which of the two platforms to choose:

If you want to develop your brand awareness and create interest in your products, choose Facebook Ads.

If you want to produce sales or leads, Google AdWords is more suitable. It is quite logical. People who discover your Google AdWords ads generally have a strong propensity to buy. When someone types “buy virgin herbarium” on Google, it means that they want to… buy a virgin herbarium. While on Facebook Ads, you target people who are just likely to be interested in your product but who don’t necessarily want to buy it.

But be careful; the other criteria must also be considered. If you want to sell a product, for example, it is possible that the conversion rate is lower on Facebook Ads, but it is also possible that the cost per conversion (the cost per purchase) is lower than on Google AdWords.

4. Your Target’s Situation in the Buying Journey

To be sure that you are choosing the right channel (Google or Facebook), it is very essential to understand your potential buyers’ situation in the buying journey. If your motive is to target people who are actively looking for a product, who are ready to buy, the choice of PPC services in Dubai is the most consistent. When you type in Google “buy 3D printer”, you are not trying to find out about 3D printers; you know what they are, how they work, and what they are used for. We know what it is; we know the benefits of the product. We have passed the stage of research, reading articles, etc. We want to buy a 3D printer. Again, purchase intention is very often higher on Google AdWords than on Facebook Ads.

Alternatively, If you want to broadcast ads that aim to educate your target customers, and create curiosity and interest around the products you sell, Facebook Ads is a priori the best channel. On Facebook Ads, you’re not targeting people who want to buy your product, but people who might be interested in learning more. If you take the three stages of the buyer’s journey: Facebook Ads allows you to target people who are in the “Awareness” and “Planning” stages, and Google AdWords makes it possible to target people who are in the “Decision” stage.

5. Product Maturity and Search Volume

This point is obvious but oddly often overlooked. If you are looking to sell a new or innovative product, that product’s keyword will logically be associated with a low volume of Google searches. If you use your product name as a keyword with Google AdWords, very few people will see your ads. If you want a new, little-known, or innovative product on Google AdWords, we recommend that you target keywords that describe the problem your product is solving.

For illustration- Tile developed one of the very first Bluetooth trackers. This technology allows users to find their wallet or smartphone via an application. To promote the application, Tile has targeted keywords such as “find your wallet,” “find your phone,” or “find your keys” on Google AdWords. This allowed them to reach a lot more people than if they had decided to target the keyword “Bluetooth tracker” or “Tile.”

But, in most circumstances, it makes more sense to use Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai when you want to promote a little-known or new product of its kind. This is the best way to make your target customers aware of the product and develop your notoriety.

6. Your Product’s Sensitivity to Demographic Criteria

If your product’s purchase is strongly related to a special life event, Facebook Ads is the best solution. Facebook’s advertising platform offers very precise demographic targeting options. For example, you can target and approach people who are studying, who have just got married, had a child, bought a house, got a divorce, etc. It’s much more difficult on Google AdWords. Conversely, if you sell a product that caters to a large audience, AdWords will generally be more relevant.

7. Your Brand/Company Awareness

This factor is arguably the least important. But it is important to stress this. If you’re a new business, people are unlikely to type your business or brand name into Google. In this field, you will not stand up to competitors who have been established for a long time and who have acquired notoriety. When an Internet user is confronted with several advertisements, yours and those of your competitors, they will tend to click on one of your competitors’ advertisements rather than on yours. This is why it is generally preferable, when you are a new business, to start with Facebook Ads to build awareness and not be put in competition with your competitors in Google’s search results.

8. Pay for Research or Pay for the Social Network?

First of all, before you think about your advertising strategy, take a step back and think about how people are using these two platforms.

Google is a search network platform where you go when you ask a question, search for information, or a solution to your problem.

Facebook is a social network platform where you go to connect with friends and share stories or personal information.

You might Google a search for “restaurant near me” when you fancy a pizza, or you might see a photo your best friend posted of a great meal with the restaurant identified and decide to make a reservation there.

9. How Do Users See Your Ads?

On Google Adwords, you can refine the search of your audience by location, language, and some other parameters, but the whole system is built around keywords. Advertisers bid on keywords to get your ad to appear when the person searches for that term.

For example, when someone searches for “women’s clothing for sale,” an e-commerce store might bid on that keyword to display their ad.

Your ads are mostly in text form, and they should use concise language to highlight your product’s benefits to the audience. Then, depending on the competition, you will have to pay between 0.50 CHF and 5 CHF per click made.

On Facebook, you have a lot more options for targeting. You can use locations, gender, age, relationship status, job title, and more to target the customers. You can also use the Interests and Behaviors element, which uses “likes” and Facebook activity to target more users. So you can target people who have photography as a favourite hobby, are keen on outdoor photography activities, or those who like to have a good time. Your ads will be visible in the user’s news feed, among social posts shared by their Facebook friends. You can use images or videos to capture your audience’s attention as they scroll through pages on the internet.

Conclusion: So Which is the Best for You?

These are the main factors and criteria to consider if you are hesitating between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. As you will understand, there is no easy answer. In some cases, Google AdWords is a better solution than Facebook Ads and vice-versa. The two most important criteria are those developed at the beginning of the article: the amount of your budget and your objectives (educate, raise awareness, sell).

PPC services in Dubai are best for immediate sales because your audience is the people who research the keyword they’re ready to buy right now. Likewise, in niche areas and niches where you can narrowly target your keywords at low bids, you can be price effective while gaining the upper hand over your competition.

The ads on Facebook are best for brand awareness and creating business opportunities. With Facebook’s many options for a very specific target population, your ads can be placed in plain view of the audience you are looking for. Users will see your ad on their “news feed,” and with creative, quality content, it will capture the customer’s eye and prompt them to make a decision.



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