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5 Ways Virtual Receptionist Services Benefit You & Your Customers

Your business loses sales when there is no response when a customer tries to contact you. Almost 80% of businesses get converted over the phone. In addition, nearly 80% of customers hang up without leaving a message if no one answers the call.

Answering the phone at any time and directing calls to the corresponding department or person can give you a significant business advantage. On the other hand, it is virtually impossible to have a receptionist on duty 24/7, and call centers can be an expensive option.

At this level, a virtual reception intervenes and can easily and quickly direct and connect incoming calls, thanks to the pre-recorded menus and directions. This allows your customers to quickly and easily reach the department or person and meet their needs while using the available services.

Here are the 5 most important benefits that a virtual reception system offers to your business and your customers.

1. Significant financial savings – The virtual receiving systems, also known as digital or virtual receptionist desks, commonly benefit your business in the form of significant financial savings. Maintaining a call center or hiring multiple receptionists (whose average annual salary is $ 42,000) to answer all calls, comes with a long-term financial cost. Recruitment costs, training costs, and so on, all become big factors and add to the cost of running your business.

The virtual reception service is included free of charge in your agile IP service. The service will be ready to operate without any additional training or other maintenance and training costs.

2. Faster call-taking – Responding to phone calls quickly is crucial to the success of a business. Using a virtual reception system can have a big impact on increasing the productivity of your business. These systems offer a wide range of features that eliminate or greatly reduce the strain on your front desk or administrative staff.

Your customers can get multiple answers to their questions automatically by following the system instructions. The virtual reception service automatically directs them to the service or person, which means fewer calls get lost and your customers get faster service.

3. Answering calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Your business may receive hundreds of calls every day. As we have noted, this results in wasted time and can cause some of your employees to overwork. It also creates a problem with filtering and redirecting calls. Waiting times can quickly increase, causing frustration and dissatisfaction among your customers.

In addition, when your business is closed, customers may try to reach you without success to obtain information. A virtual answering system answers call easily and efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and could easily answer many of these calls automatically and immediately provide several useful information such as the address and hours of operation of your business.

4. Consistent quality of service and standardized procedures – Virtual reception systems provide a consistent and reliable customer experience. Since this is a virtual system, the process for taking calls always remains the same and remains constant, following a standard pre-established procedure.

Your business can also handle phone calls outside of business hours while following the same procedure.

No matter the time and volume of incoming calls, the virtual reception system handles every phone call efficiently. A virtual reception system offers the same quality of service whether or not your receptionist is available.

5. A professional image – All the above benefits can create a positive effect on the image of your company and the existing professionalism. A virtual front desk system helps you avoid losing sales due to missed calls or due to slow customer service due to too high a volume of calls.

Likewise, customers and potential clients will be able to reach the desired service or person without waiting quickly and will have a better perception of your business which has a direct impact on your reputation.

As we have demonstrated in this article, any business needs to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to phone calls from new or existing customers. The virtual receptionist companies offer well-structured virtual reception that provides a competitive advantage allowing your business to save money while increasing your sales and reducing your operating costs.


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