Amazon Marketing is nothing but promoting and selling products and services on Amazon, a multinational ecommerce giant. Amazon marketing is done using three tactics:

1. Amazon SEO – You need to optimize your product pages on Amazon to enhance their visibility in Amazon’s organic search results.
2. Amazon Advertising – Native Amazon advertising formats can be used to promote your brand and products. This is essentially a paid service.
3. External Marketing – Here, the marketing is done outside Amazon, using promo channels that are not directly owned by the platform.

Amazon SEO is an on-Amazon activity. Most Amazon SEO measures are non-paid, that is free. But Amazon ads are paid services. The advertising can be done directly on the Amazon platform or other websites and platforms. External Marketing can be paid or free but takes place entirely outside Amazon.

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The changing landscape

The Amazon marketing platform is evolving, as they try to assert more aggressively in the ecommerce sector. Driven by the unmatched sales potential of Amazon, the number of manufacturers and sellers offering their products on Amazon is on the increase. This means marketers need to make the most of Amazon marketing channels to succeed.

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Rank High in Search Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to make online marketing effective. With more product searches happening directly on Amazon than on Google, Amazon is the top product search engine. Your Amazon SEO assumes great significance in terms of ensuring higher ranking for your products and services on Amazon.

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Amazon Advertising

It can be paid, or free. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) allows for the display of different types of ads in Amazon search results and on the Amazon product pages. All these ads are connected to product pages or landing pages on Amazon (On-Amazon marketing).

AMS ads are PPC ads and are charged as per the number of clicks. Amazon advertising is highly targeted and is highly effective.

AMS offers 3 formats for advertising: Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads (HSA, renamed as Sponsored Brands), and Product Display Ads. As of now, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands tools can be accessed directly through the Seller Central account.

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The Amazon Advertising Platform is a powerful display advertising network from Amazon. The advantage is that banners and other ads are shown on both Amazon and external sites (On + Off Amazon campaigns). The ads can be advertised or linked.

AAP is accessible to vendors, sellers, or third parties. Though charged based on impressions, AAP marketing budget is a bit high.

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Discount Deals in Amazon Marketing

Amazon provides vendors and sellers with many discount promotions who undertake online marketing on Amazon. You can utilize the free and chargeable services as per your marketing goals.

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External Amazon Marketing (Off-Amazon)

If your products are featured on Amazon, and you want to attract more customers from outside the Amazon platform to your Amazon page, external Amazon marketing is what you need.

They lead external users to Amazon through links on an external pages, and encourage buying. The landing pages that are linked could be a product page, a product selection page, or the Amazon Brand Store.

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Amazon Media Group

Amazon’s advertising department is called Amazon Media Group (AMG), and features all of Amazon’s advertising services. AMG offers a host of planning and implementation tools for effective advertising campaigns across channels.


Marketing your products/services on Amazon using various paid or non-paid marketing tools and strategies is called Amazon marketing.
Yes. With the high reach and popularity of Amazon as an ecommerce platform, you get the best ROI on your Amazon ads.
This is a marketing activity that takes place outside the Amazon platform. Visitors on sites and channels outside Amazon are lured to the Amazon product pages of a brand.
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