why Digital Marketing is essential for business

Why Digital Marketing is Essential to any Business

why Digital Marketing is essential for business.

In this fast-paced digitized world that we are living right now, it is a no brainer that digital marketing is absolutely important to any business. Yes, we are definitely 100% positive about it but not all of the businesses are practicing it. Most of the business nowadays believe in it but don’t profess.  Yes, they do have social media account handles but what’s next? It is just like any other non-influencer social media accounts just like you and me.

This is just simple. Name one person who is still using analog phones alone and never held or won any smart gadgets. Absolutely no one! All of the consumer’s and client’s fingertips are always on their smart mobile phones. Aside from the traditional advertisement like out of home billboards and prints, there is no other way to say hello to your customers but through digital where everybody is on it.

Digital Marketing is the MVP of the consumer world today as it is always around wherever you go. Most of the marketers say that Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Pay Per Click or PPC are a huge success and increase brand awareness for their respective businesses.

To further understand and adopt why Digital Marketing is the MVP of our digitized world, keep reading to know more about the six reasons why Digital Marketing is essential for business.


FREE WIFI. WIFI available here. WIFI in the malls, buses, coffee shops all over wherever you go, WIFI is everywhere. Network data has great packages and easy access. So there is no way that you will never be with your target audience. With the widespread of internet access, more people are spending their time online. It was once limited access before but became a necessity and a basic part of our everyday life.

Just basic, your customers having internet access highlights the importance of digital marketing. In every question that we have in life, the internet can answer it in one click. Even recipes, translations, and anything under the sun, we ask Google.

So if they are online and you are not there, you are losing those leads and possible sales. To drive business at the best result, you must be on their fingertips. You need brand awareness to build your presence.


If ever you are still thinking about it, check your competitors online; they already have it. They are already there. Most of your competitors most likely are enjoying the advantages of digital marketing. They have created social media sites, optimize and generate SEO, and run paid some advertisement to target new leads.

Be in the game, be a great player to this modern world. If you want to compete and win leads and sales, do it now! Do whatever they are doing as it is the trend. One day passed is a possibility of falling behind the completion.

Be in the traffic, get the traffic that you must have, and not by your competitors.

Be in the know, be seen in the scene. They need to know you and be aware of what are you offering to them.

Digital marketing is now part of your asset that you need to invest in.


In any business, the competition is hard and tight. However, in digital marketing words, you can be lined up with large corporations. You can reach related leads with the same methods such as SEO and PPC. Always remember that your content is king and relevancy.

With SEO and PPC, your site ranks based on your relevancy. They cannot easily go up to the top and buy. They have to optimize the site and page just like any other site. We are all on the same ground here on day one.

There is no big or small amount of money you need to advertise or to be on top. Content and relevancy is the game here. If you can create a good content that is more relevant to your keywords than your competitors, then you probably on top along with the large corporations or you are on top of them.


This is one of the best strengths of digital marketing; to tailor the demographics of your ads. Trimmed, tailored, accurate!

Imagine your ads and business will fall and shoot directly your target audience. How amazing is that! With digital marketing everything is possible. You have the capability to target your audience and reach your leads and convert it to sales. You can say important information to your target audience and shape your ads depend on your campaign. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to reach the right people.

The precision of the characteristic of your target audience with proper segmentation is the success of your ads reach. When you have a proper segmentation of your audience and you know them so well, your campaign ads will drive the best result and will absolutely reach beyond leads.


This is all we want to know, is the campaign effective and getting us to the right directions? In digital marketing, you are able to track your campaigns and it allows you to adapt to have a better result.

Unlike traditional marketing, call to action is hard to measure on whether who sees your ads. While in digital marketing, you can track and measure the performance of your campaigns through analytics.

You can tweak your campaigns on the go. You can see the performance and don’t waste money as long as you know what to tweak it to have a better result. Digital marketing will make use your money efficiently. It will give you more sales leads budget-wise but satisfying results.

  1. ROI 100%

Digital marketing will definitely give you a 100% Return of Investment. When you invest accordingly to your digital marketing, the more you will get out of it.

The most recommendable digital marketing channel is email marketing where you invest small but will gain more profit. This will leave for a great room for ROI and will allow your business to grow.

Digital marketing is the new normal of NOW. Don’t let yourself and your company left behind and be on the traditional. Say hello to the new normal, new life, digital marketing. Maximize it and turn your leads into sales.

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