Instagram boasts more than 1 billion monthly users and is second only to Facebook in terms of active users. With a host of user-centric features and tools including Feed, Stories, Explore tab, and IGTV; and its regular new feature updates, businesses of all types stand to benefit a great deal from Instagram in terms of better brand awareness, brand positioning, customer engagement, traffic, leads and business growth.

Let’s examine why Instagram advertising makes great sense for businesses.

A viable choice

Instagram promotions offer a host of benefits for brands as it is undoubtedly a lucrative social media platform for businesses with its unmatched avenues for brand engagement, and amazing tools to build a large brand following, create advertisements, and establish brand identity through stories.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, Instagram ads are a strategic means to strongly position your brand and build deep relations with customers and boost revenues. Volga Tigris, the best Instagram Marketing Agency in Dubai, is highly sought after for its unique & creative Instagram Advertising Services that are guaranteed to succeed. Of course, any business wishes to build a loyal brand following in the market. As a leading Instagram advertising agency, we are committed to this cause. We employ all the latest tools and creative marketing techniques that Instagram supports to build a solid follower base for your brand.

Instagram Ads - Volga Tigris
Instagram advertising agency - Volga Tigris

Partner with the best agency

Interestingly, over 200 million Instagram users daily visit at least one business profile, while 81% of Instagram users learn about products and services on Instagram. Further, as many as 130 million users tap on shopping posts on Instagram. What all this means is that a technically and creatively Instagram Advertising agency like Volga Tigris can fully exploit the power of Instagram to drive traffic and customer engagement and help businesses reach their revenue targets.

With a fully capable in-house team of creative graphic designers and social media marketing professionals, we are uniquely positioned as the best Instagram ads company in Dubai and can craft the perfect Instagram marketing campaign for you. We hold that Instagram advertising needs to be made a key element of any business’s holistic marketing and advertising strategy, and can be your smart partner in this exciting venture.

A sister platform of Facebook, Instagram allows brands to further enhance organic and paid growth through Instagram ad campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager, which empowers you to track and meet all campaign objectives through optimization and targeting. As the preferred Instagram marketing agency in Dubai, we can do the Instagram – Facebook integration seamlessly, and make the most of Instagram’s three types of ad placements—Feed, Stories, and Explore tab.

Our team of creative graphic designers and Instagram specialists can make the best creatives for Instagram advertising.

Instagram advertising agency - Volga Tigris

Effective tools

Instagram allows brands to create the most impact by engaging with the target audience through the free built-in animation tools that Facebook has. The video creation kit can help transform still images into interesting videos using templates, special effects, and overlay text. It may be noted that the major features available on Facebook Ads Manager work perfectly with Instagram ad placements as well.

We know how to exploit the charm and appeal of stories on Instagram. Instagram stories are increasingly used by small and large companies for better user engagement and brand awareness. Why? Over half a billion people watch Instagram Stories every day, making them a key element of a brand’s organic and paid advertising strategy.

Instagram advertising is second to none in enabling businesses to connect with target audiences in the most effortless manner. Stories are brief in nature, and that is their power. In fact, more than half of Instagram users admit that Stories piqued their interest in a brand’s product or service.

Finally, if you aim at better engagement rates, bank on Instagram. But ensure that your graphics and videos are visually appealing. In this context, Volga Tigris can offer guaranteed results, as we have one of the best creative and social media specialists who can get the most of an Instagram marketing campaign for your brand.

Instagram Advertising Services - Volga Tigris
Instagram ads - Volga Tigris

Better engagement

According to a study by eCommerce marketing platform Yotpo, users are 58 times more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to engagement rates on Facebook. Further, Instagram engagement is 120 times that on Twitter. Considering that Instagram boasts much higher user engagement rates than other platforms, your ROI on Instagram marketing is the best.

Another key factor that we focus on is user-generated content, or UGC, on Instagram. Going for a hashtag trend helps greatly in persuading your followers to contribute to UGC and share interesting content widely. It is also important to have a strategy to increase the reach and visibility of UGC among new audiences. Partnering with influencers for product endorsements is also a good idea to achieve this.

Yet another engagement tactic is to organize a contest and post contest ads on Instagram. Instagram offers infinite possibilities. A competitive Instagram marketing agency like Volga Tigris can harness all these to make your brand and products stand out.

To sum up, Instagram is continuing to assert its appeal as a great social media marketing platform with new features and tools that help businesses engage customers in a more meaningful way. This is all the more relevant to eCommerce businesses, as Instagram holds its ground as the top shopping-centric social media advertising platform.

Instagram ads - Volga Tigris

A key marketing channel

Without Instagram, no business can claim to have a strong, comprehensive marketing strategy that can help drive traffic, boost brand awareness and enhance bottom line.
Marketing agencies that have a full understanding of the whole range of features that Instagram offers for branding and engagement, and that have the technical and creative expertise to design and execute effective Instagram advertising campaigns can alone ensure success.

Offering our clients highly customized, targeted Instagram promotion services in Dubai, Volga Tigris continues to be the leader in UAE when it comes to boosting brand awareness, building engaging relations with customers and thereby achieving conversions and sales using the popular social media network Instagram.

Instagram Advertising Services - Volga Tigris


What's the advantage of Instagram marketing?

Instagram is a platform where an increasing number of people look for cool and engaging pictures and videos about things that they like or are concerned about. This is the reason why it is the ideal platform to promote your products.

Do you need a social media marketing agency for Instagram advertising?

Instagram is a powerful media for advertising. It has several advanced features for marketers to run successful ad campaigns. Only a competent digital marketing agency with skilled professionals like Volga Tigris can ensure a successful Instagram advertising campaign.

Is Instagram marketing costly?

Compared to traditional marketing, Instagram marketing is way cheaper. Costs vary from agency to agency and according to the scale of the campaign and objectives.

How can an Instagram marketing effort go wrong?

Look out for inconsistency! Be regular in postings, find the right time to post the ads, identify current trends and actively participate in them. Finally, ensure all your posts and ads are visually appealing. Ignoring or badly managing any of these can topple your Instagram advertising.

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