Need of Social Media Planning

Why Do You Need Media Planning and Management

Media planning and management use the right media to influence and put into practice your target audience to get the right message across at the right time.

To create a successful media plan, you need to:

  • Understand the customer well
  • Choose the right combination of media based on your audience
  • Create appropriate designs and suggestions to encourage people to take action
  • Rate the medium that works, thanks to the measurement
  • An incremental improvement to improve performance

Volga Tigris builds, delivers and manages result-based, trusted, strategy-based media planning and management services to help clients achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

How We Can Help You With Your Media Planning and Management

We can help you understand your audience, improve your brand and develop, implement, manage and refine media planning that generates more revenue for your business.

By researching the media and using an informed and systematic media management approach, you can recommend the best media channels to communicate with you and provide results.

We can suggest more applicable positioning and content positioning strategies that reduce unnecessary advertising costs and attract and resonate with the target market.

We help you in:

  • Current media analysis
  • Provide advice on branded content and messages
  • Content and design development for print, digital and social media
  • Merging media with public relations, content marketing and campaigns
  • Track and measure your marketing statistics and media performance
  • See where your competitors are promoting.
  • Match your ad to your audience and your product to your ad.

Selecting the Right Online Media

Marketers can choose from a variety of online and offline channels. Marketers need to use the information gathered during the research and goal-setting stages to determine which channel is the most successful. Our media planning team choose the right combination of as many media and formats as possible to deliver a particular advertising message as effectively as possible. This defines the media used by the target group and how it is used. Our media planners can provide a solid reason to support your proposal and communicate clearly why your plan achieves your client’s communication goals while maximizing the available budget.

Here are some of the popular channels that our marketers choose when planning their media:

Digital Publications

Many digital publications offer the opportunity to email a database via a personalized email or newsletter. It is often a niche post that makes it easy to reach your target audience and is a great tool for lead generation campaigns. We can track open rates and understand the conversion rates of your site or assets.

Our digital publication Planners are highly educated and trained to reach the target audience of the brand and achieve their marketing goals through paid advertising campaigns. We collect information from media providers such as digital magazines, outside companies, print materials, websites and digital networks. This information, along with other relevant sources such as regional market research, ranking data, advertising trends, and industry background, is combined with strategic media recommendations to track marketing goals and overall customer campaigns.


Pay-per-click advertising or PPC ads are one of the best ways to reach, find new customers, and grow your business. However, it’s easy to waste money on a PPC if you don’t have a specific strategy or don’t know how to improve your offer. If you are serious about adopting PPC as an advertising method, we recommend that you work with a PPC management company like Volga Tigris.

Volga Tigris has a team of pay-per-click (PPC) experts with extensive experience in Search Network and Display Advertising, instream ads and more. Our mission is to help advertisers enjoy the benefits of your PPC campaign. When working with clients to develop an effective pay-per-click strategy, we create an effective paid search strategy that reduces costs and gains clicks.

Social Media

Each social advertising platform has its own way of reaching people, and each has its own advantages. Businesses in nearly every industry can benefit from using social ads to attract, inform, and convert specific audiences. Our social media planning and management service goes beyond daily campaign management. Our team helps you reach your goals, from gaining likes to increasing sales. It also optimizes advertising costs to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI).

Our social media planning strategists and specialists can assist your business in selecting the best platform for social media ad management services. Helping your business focus on the networks that are most beneficial to your business can lead to greater profits and better results.

With Volga Tigris, you don’t have to worry about managing your social media campaigns on LinkedIn or Facebook. An experienced team of social media and graphic design professionals handle everything related to managing social media ads.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is highly targeted using algorithms that find and target specific audiences on digital platforms. Programmatic advertising allows you to achieve very accurate targeting and compete with ad purchases on a different level.

In fact, professionally managed Programmatic ad campaigns can be more effective, reduce costs per transaction, and improve return on investment.

 If you are looking for a hassle-free online ad management solution, Volga Tigris’s Programmatic ads service can help. Volga Tigris understands that every business is unique and offers a number of Programmatic advertising service options based on your goals and budget. Need paid ad results without the hassle of tracking and optimizing your ads manually? Volga Tigris’s Programmatic ad services can make a huge impact and increase your ad exposure by up to 70%.

What is the Difference Between Media Planning and Media Buying

Buying media is the process of buying ad space across a variety of channels and platforms and tracking the execution of your campaign along with an agreed media plan. This means evaluating the format and price of the platform, ensuring consistency with plans, negotiating costs, responding to media trends, and building relationships between the platform’s different channels and peers.

Creating a media plan is a detailed process, and planners need to consider the business needs and goals of their target consumers.

What is Media Planning and Strategy?

Exploring media planning strategies helps marketers select the right media platform and get the message across to relevant audiences. This overview of some important considerations to address when preparing to create a media plan.

1. Identify the relevant media channel

2. Determine the appropriate schedule

3. Adjust the combination of channels

4. Increase your audience targeting

5. Define coverage and redundancy objectives

Why is Media Planning Important?

Media planning is the process of deciding how, when and to which audience, your ad or message will be delivered. Media planners analyze how a message aims to support a marketing or advertising strategy and develop tactics for sharing the message with the right people in the right place. This optimizes your campaigns and messages and simplifies the campaign review process.


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