What is social listing

What is Social Listing, How it Helps SEO?

We all agree with it. A lot of feelings today get poured out on social media than over a cup of coffee. And this can be about anything under the sun and will be mentioned on status, stories, and timelines.

So, all the better is to keep your ears open in places like these. And this is what we call social listening, the top most powerful tool that we cannot afford to ignore in our business in this day and age of 2021. Only, it’s more than this. You also get to know what the world is saying about your competitors for that little healthy competition you need to keep your business growing.

The sad part is, that not many businesses are aware of the power of this tool today. If you were unaware of these, you now found another area in your business to take more seriously today.

Get in Touch With Customers

Isn’t that what you would want in your business? Social listening helps you do just that. You come across what people are saying about your brand, products, conversations revolving around them and, you can adopt all the appropriate social media marketing techniques and make changes if need be.

What’s more, you even get to engage with your customers and hold discussions with them, which is any day a more powerful way to learn what they want and expect from you. So, negative feedback here is not a sign that you have lost a customer, but a chance for you to hold on to that customer by getting to know what it takes and doing the needful.

Identify Customers

And here, you don’t just identify who your customers are but a lot more. You sense the sentiments of these customers. More than anything, you get to watch out for who your influencers are, you know, the ones who will advocate for your brand if you do all it takes to satisfy them. ‘

You get to know the relevant people to connect and build a relationship with, the kind of people that can get you huge numbers of followers and fans. So, watch out! You also come to know who are the ones who love your brand, so you can keep in touch to help them spread the word among their friends for you. So, you see, who needs advertising when you have loyal people found via social listening?

Product Feedback

Trust us and, you would be surprised at the amount of feedback that could come through social listening. As customers are more vocal about their feelings on platforms like social media, you could use that information when you plan your next strategy. You can now easily find causes, make the right changes, and get rid of problems.

One of the best examples that you have here is Nike. Social listening made them aware that an athlete had his shoe snap in the middle of a basketball game. Comments were all over Twitter and, the company could take the next step and do the needful on time, thus saving their reputation. The player received an apology and an advertising deal whereas, the brand won back the goodwill of all its loyal customers again.

So, you see, it’s not just about the compliments. Social listening also plays a huge role in telling you what’s not going well with your customers. Maybe another example we can give you is McDonald’s which recently came up with this new sauce and received a lot of feedback for the news that the sauce was limited. So, you see, social listening helped McDonald’s realize its customers want more sauce!

Lead Generation

Finally, isn’t that the end goal of everything that we do? Social listening teaches you how to bring about this end goal and get better, teaching you how to develop relationships with customers which is one of the biggest deciding factors behind a good lead generation. Here, you learn how to solve problems, build connections, exchange useful information, and in a way, help each other in the long run.

Remember that social listening is what helps you build your brand as a result of which you finally get to enjoy greater leads in your business. Yes, social listening plays a great role in creating additional business. Here they get to answer questions, find out what customers are looking for, and in short, do what businessmen enjoy the privilege of in a brick-and-mortar store.

However, do not forget that this is an area that demands a lot of your creativity by way of describing your products, solving the problems of your customers, and so on, lest you come across as an ordinary salesman.

Final Words

The above are just four of the lot. However, there are many more ways that social listening can act as a great source of help to your business. The best part is, that this is an area that is more fun, and that’s what makes it a challenge that is easy to welcome. For one, you get more opportunities for bloggers to give you content, you learn if anyone’s stealing content, you make more progress with your search engine optimization services, and so on. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s going to be effective as long as it is done in the right way and you know how to watch out for the right keywords and use the right tools. It will effective as long as you take the trouble to build greater insights into the world of social listening and make use of every strategy you can find, social listening can make a great difference to your business, probably as much as night and day.



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