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Volga Tigris - Why Choose Them To Revamp Your Site

Little things can go a long way in making a difference to a business. And it was only when I approached Volga Tigris, a digital marketing company in Dubai, that I came across various of these little things that made big differences to my business, so much that it’s not the same anymore.

When it comes to the most effective forms of digital marketing, one of the names that I wouldn’t fail to mention is Volga Tigris. This is a brand that has collaborated with some of the most well-known brands in the UAE, a brand that puts its customer’s objective’s first. From B2B to B2C, the brand caters to different stages of business.

The brand has a team of result-driven professionals with just the right background and experience needed to work on professional websites and take them to the next level. The brand has to date more than 400 million expert data records and an information base that consists of more than 500 million business professionals over the globe.

So, all said and done, you know that when it comes to your website, you can always trust Volga Tigris. Now, all this being said, let’s move on to understand what Volga Tigris did to my website in my business and all the reasons for which I am thankful to this brand. So, if you are ready, you can read on.

As the key executive of an educational institution, my student admission ratio today is something I owe to the guidance of this company. I am Sajid from the Excellist Educational Institute, and I am here to tell you some of the key areas in which Volga Tigris made the difference I needed in my institute, to share my knowledge and recommendation to you if you too are looking for a breakthrough in your business.

A Total Website Revamp

Thanks to Volga Tigris, today my website has a fresh look that has been creating a great change in the message it communicates to my customers. The website is now not just beautiful but also more interactive, making it pleasant to browse through, even from the five-inch screen of a smartphone. From colors, fonts and images, everything has been touched upon.

My new online marketing strategy has now resulted in a greater number of students visiting my page and contacting me to know more about our courses.

SEO and the PPC Campaign

While this is a term I had often heard of, I was always of the opinion that it was something to do with the world of business. Little did I know the change it would bring to the recognition of my institution. Today, my institution enjoys greater exposure, and I owe it to this digital marketing company that patiently handheld me in this area, giving me all the knowledge I needed to get more traffic to my website.

Today, our website is highly ranked, thanks to the fact that it is well-optimized with the latest use of the latest trends and techniques. Of this, one that I found really effective was the PPC campaign, something that I wasn’t earlier aware of that soon seemed to create an impact on my page. For those unaware, this is a for of online advertising. While it does require a pay from our side, the results make it worth it. At the end of the day, we found our SEO getting stronger, and our website more effective.

In fact, it was not even three months into our new website when we had begun to see tremendous results.

Brand Awareness

Volga Tigris has gone to great lengths and in many ways to increase our brand awareness. On the digital front, they helped us come up with new strategies, improve our website’s content, increased our presence on social media, and overall, renewed the very personality of our brand.

Of these, one strategy that really took me by surprise was the use of Google ads and the impact it has created in bringing more visitors to our site. This was a thought that hadn’t occurred to me, but thanks to this digital marketing company, this is one a powerful tool to my website, as we cater to youngsters who spend ample time on the internet, browsing through videos on YouTube and other such sites online.

The Google ads have served as an effective way to get them to reach and know more about us.


While I was always aware of the saying that content is king, this was something I never understood why, till I came across Volga Tigris, that took a look at my site and showed me how it was my content that needed change and worked with me to come up with the kind of content that today, produces greater results with my website.

While I am no content expert, there still are a couple of things that I did notice in this area and admire the company for. The new content generated to my site, while it does attract SEO, was not written purely for this purpose. The content is useful and informative, greatly educating any visitor coming to know more about our institute and courses in a clear, meaningful and well cut manner.

At the same time, the language too is impressive without being flowery as though merely written for the purpose of attracting a reader with great language skills. In fact, visitors now seem to better understand our institute and its courses as the queries are lesser and the questions rarer.

Final Words

Volga Tigris is a brand that I would highly recommend to you, especially if you are a startup or a full-fledged company that thinks you could do a revamp on the online side, what with the pandemic and all.

The brand caters to almost all your online needs with experts who have changed the identities of hundreds of brands till date, thus having a rich wealth of knowledge to know just what you need when it comes to your online presence, whether you’re a commercial startup or an educational institution.


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