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The Link-Building Techniques that Work Best in 2021

Improving the positioning of a website on Google or other search engines is the goal of any SEO campaign. We know that Google ranks search results, taking into account both the quality and relevance of the content with the search query but also the trust of the page and the website hosting it.

The link building is the SEO and Search Engine Marketing technique that seeks to increase the trust and the authority of a website acquiring inbound links from other websites. Said it seems easy, but it is not. Doing link building in 2021 requires experience and intuition, all qualities that are acquired over the years. In this blog, we report a practical method on how to do link building.

SEO, in fact, has many schools of thought, especially with regard to this issue. However, everyone agrees on one thing, which is that without link building, it is extremely difficult to obtain prominent positions on competitive SERPs. For making link building more effective, look for the SEO services in Dubai.

What is link building?

As we will see, receiving links from authoritative and themed sites is crucial for obtaining noteworthy placements, especially in competitive sectors. However, getting links is extremely difficult. With the advent of social networks today, it is more likely to receive likes than links. Unless it is a recognized and appreciated brand, receiving a spontaneous link is really complex and tiring.

The solution to this problem is link building. By definition, therefore, link building is an Off-Page SEO technique through which to artificially build a backlink profile, with the aim of increasing the authority of the entire website.

How a link is made

To fully understand the importance of link building, it is necessary to start from the base that is the meaning of links and the various types of links on which it is possible to leverage to create a network of web pages.

Link is an English term that means a chain, link. In computer science, a link, also called a hyperlink or hypertext, represents a hypertext link between web pages. The purpose of the link is to transport the user to a web page in which the subject of the link is explored. To insert a link on a web page, use the HTML <a> tag as in the following example:

A link consists of:

  • Anchor text: or simply anchor, it is the text contained between the <a></a>link tags and represents the clickable text section;
  • Href attribute: contains the URL of the landing page, which can be either an HTML page or any other resource such as a video, an image, a PDF, and more;
  • Rel attribute: if present, it specifies how the source page is related to the target page.

The values ​​that can be configured with the rel attribute are different but for SEO purposes, what we are interested in is the nofollow value, which tells the search engine not to transfer trusts to the destination web page. We will deal more specifically with this concept in the following paragraphs when we talk about link juice.

Usually, the rel = ”nofollow” attribute is used for affiliate links, sponsored links, credits in the footer, or to optimize the website crawl budget.

A link in the absence of this attribute is considered do-follow. A do-follow link, or simply follow, contrary to the first one, tells the search engine to transfer trust to the linked page.

Finally, a link that has a page belonging to the same website as its landing page is called an internal link. Instead, when the landing page is that of another website, it is called an external link.

An external link that has a home page as its landing page is called a surface link. Otherwise, if used to link to any internal page, it is called a deep link.

Finally, the links received from a web page are called inbound links or, more commonly, backlinks.

Types of links

There are several ways to link to a resource or a web page. In a link-building campaign, it is important to diversify the way in which a website is linked to avoid incurring potential penalties.

At the moment, we can identify the following types of links:

Manipulative links

They say link manipulative ones that have as anchor text the keyword with which you would like to place the landing page. Example:

<a href=””> Web Agency </a>

A link like the one in the example suggests that Google place the URL as a result of the Web Agency search query.

In link-building jargon, manipulative links are often referred to as dry anchor links or exact anchors.

Branded link

They say links branded all links containing the brand in the anchor text or its possible variants. Example of branded links is:

<a href=””>XYZ </a>

Navigational links

They say link navigational all links that have anchor text as a generic keyword. Example:

<a href=””> click here </a>

<a href=””> on this site </a>

Sitewide link

They say link sitewide all links that are repeated in many of the website pages, such as those provided in the footer, sidebar, and in the page header.

It is a type of link not recommended for link building as it could lead to penalization by Google both for those who receive it and for those who insert it.

If you really can’t do without it, it is always better to insert a branded nofollow link as sitewide.

Link from images

They are the links placed on the images. They have less relevance than classic text links as they transfer less information to Google about the context and the reason for which it was entered.

For this reason it is very important to specify the alt attribute in images and treat it as if it were a normal anchor text of a classic text link. Example:

<a href=””> <img src = “agency.jpg” alt = “XYZ” /> </a>

Follow and nofollow links

As already mentioned, the follow link is a link that transfers trust to the landing page. A nofollow link does not do the same; therefore, alone is not very useful for positioning purposes.

But as we will see when we tackle the topic of citations, even a nofollow link has its importance in a link-building campaign, helping to enrich the website’s backlink profile.

Links from non-indexed pages

These are links from pages not indexed on Google, such as those blocked by robots.txt or that contain the noindex Meta tag. For SEO purposes, the link has no value.

High and low-quality links

A link is said to be of high quality when it comes from authoritative, famous, well-positioned websites with topics relevant to the web page to be linked.

On the contrary, a link is of low quality if it comes from low-authoritative domains, with few keywords positioned, or with too many pages with outgoing links.

Link from redirect

They are those links that happen through 301 redirects. In blackhat SEO, it is appropriate to buy expired domains, called dropped domains, with a good backlink profile and make the complete redirect to the home page of the site. Choose the best Backlink Building Services in Dubai from creating links for redirecting.

If done well, it is possible to get a boost thanks to the trust transferred from the links that linked the pages of the expired domain. If done poorly or superficially, it could cause serious problems.

Link from iframe

These are links from using the HTML <iframe> tag. They are used to embed the content of the page specified in the src attribute of the iframe tag on the source page.

Link building strategies and Techniques that Work Best in 2021

Strategy # 1: steal quality backlinks from your competitors

No, it’s not about doing something illegal, don’t worry. But when you do SEO, you have to be aware of the fact that the competition is great and very fierce, so you have to sharpen your nails to be able to stand out.

How to do it?

Google the topic on which you have built the evergreen content you want to position. Take note of the top 10 results and analyze their backlinks. Those backlinks are great opportunities for you because you can send personalized emails to the managers of those sites, asking them to quote your content instead of your competitor’s (obviously, you have to give them a reason).

It is not easy, it is true. But by opting for Backlink Building Services in Dubai will help you creating strategy and communication skills; you can slowly steal those backlinks from your competitors and quickly gain positions on Google.

Strategy # 2: Submit your content for Roundup articles

What is a Roundup article?

It is nothing more than a blog post on a regular basis (weekly or monthly in general) in which links to useful and interesting content on a given topic are published.

All you have to do is look for those blogs that publish this kind of article and, by email, propose your content to be included in Roundups.

Among the link-building strategies proposed here, this is certainly the simplest one to implement because bloggers are continually looking for valuable content to report to their readers.

Strategy # 3: Submit your blog for resource pages

This link building strategy is similar to the previous one, although more difficult to implement. But it can guarantee excellent results.

The resource page is nothing more than a simple web page that lists a series of links to online content relating to a particular topic. The strategy is to propose your blog as a resource to be included in this list. You can also do Off-Page SEO for net linking your website.

Strategy # 4: Repair Broken Links

Why damn yourself trying to convince bloggers and webmasters to grant links from scratch when you can propose to “repair” the broken ones?

To do this, just identify in a page of a site or in an article of a blog of your interest those links that appear to be “broken” by reporting them to the blogger or webmaster on duty.

At the same time, you can offer them to “repair” them directly using the link to your site or blog.

Strategy # 5: guest posting

Guest posting is one of the oldest, but also the most profitable, link building strategies. Publish content for other sites that in turn link to yours; this is essentially what it is. And it will work in 2021 too, we are sure.

The important thing, however, is that there are affinity and coherence between the linked sites or blogs and that the reader does not find the link unnatural.

Importance of links for search engines

We know that the preliminary phase of a search engine like Google is the information retrieval that is the acquisition of the information present in a web page to subsequently create the index.

The link is, therefore, a determining factor without which the spider would not be able to browse the internet and discover new content and websites to enrich the search engine database. A website that has no inbound links from another website is practically invisible as the spider would have no way of finding out.

For this reason, Google provides tools such as the Search Console to indicate the existence of the site and new web pages by submitting the XML sitemap.

Google owes a lot to links and uses them to:

  • Discover resources on the web;
  • Draw a map of the internet;
  • Identify relationships between websites;
  • Get content suggestions;
  • Understanding which website is most popular;
  • Understanding which website is most important to a specific topic.

What it takes to do Link Building

You will realize that, consequently, to create a strategy that works, you need:

  • High skills: necessary to analyze the sector and competitors in order to define the development times of the backlinks, their type, and technical characteristics;
  • A lot of time: all of these analyzes cannot always be standardized, especially in highly competitive niches, resulting in time to dedicate to us. Furthermore, the lower the skills of the SEO analyst, the more time it will take to carry out the analyzes correctly;
  • Resources: whether it’s an article, a white paper, or an infographic, to make Link Building, you need resources in terms of developing production materials. These materials, in turn, must be useful to users so that they deserve a backlink and, therefore, must be of high quality.

Those who provide SEO services Dubai have always known the importance of Link Building, but at the same time, they also know that to create a strategy that respects the points we have just indicated, it is anything but simple.

Many professionals in the sector, either due to lack of skills or due to time and budget limits, have preferred to look for shortcuts to carry out link-building campaigns at reduced costs in terms of skills, time, and resources (practically low budget on everything).


As you will have understood from these simple strategies, link building requires a certain skill in being able to “earn” your own link.

Very often, sites and blogs can request something in return (the payment of a sum in money, for example); other times, the results can be the result of the ability to weave fruitful relationships and relationships over time.

In short, doing link building basically means setting up a public relation system with which it is possible to earn quality backlinks from authoritative sites and blogs. At this point, all you have to do is try to implement the link-building strategies we have suggested.

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