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Small Businesses Embracing Digital Marketing To Survive Pandemic

The unforeseen break out of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic left small businesses across the globe with no choice other than to either close down or embrace digital marketing to stay afloat. Surveys conducted across the globe said that two-thirds of micro-firms are largely affected; in order to survive, we must adapt.

Measures to contain the virus such as social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantines had devastating repercussions for small businesses when compared to businesses that were already familiar with the lucrative world of digital marketing. Their years of operation through online marketing strategies help them to survive with little disruption to their business. This success mantra made smaller businesses embrace digital marketing for their growth.

Going digital is likely to be the clear winner here. Smaller companies, not even had a Facebook page before, will need to move into social media marketing, content marketing, SEO and online campaigns services for small businesses

Adopt Online Marketing Strategies and Move on

In this online world, going digital isn’t really an option, but a necessity. Without a digital presence, it’s easy to be lost in a sea of fast-moving online strategies. If you are running a smaller business, online marketing can bring miracles!

The key factor in resilience is adaptability. If it is mandatory in your business to go and meet clients face-to-face before doing business, adapting means opening new web or social media services for small businesses to foster relationships. The greatest advantage of digital
marketing is cost-effective and time-saving, but still, several businesses are relied on conventional marketing methods to operate.

The businesses that were dependent on traditional marketing were affected the most during the pandemic time. With no other alternatives left, now, they too are switching to a digital marketing strategy.

The immediate response to the Covid-19 pandemic was to maintain social distance and stay at home. This made many spend more time on the internet, which means new businesses that focusing digital marketing receive more exposure now than they ever have. Traffic to certain websites has experienced a significant increase. Like a lot of other businesses, you also had built your networks offline, now, revisit them with a fresh website or social media page. This is the perfect time to double down on your promotional strategies with the help of a perfect internet marketing company for small businesses.

Volga Tigris, the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, is providing complete digital marketing solutions for small businesses to clients for years.

Proper SEO & Content Marketing Promote Your Business

It doesn’t mean you should lose hope for your business during the pandemic. It’s the time you should pivot your strategies and focus on SEO to position your business to succeed. Your company can benefit from local SEO, updating your website and strategies, developing new content and conducting keyword research.

Reasons to Invest in SEO

  • Search is easy to measure

The objective of SEO is to make your website appear high in the search result. If your website is not ranking high on Google, you can select different keywords to target and implement other SEO techniques such as link-building.

  • An online search for products is increasing

If you want your business to succeed during a pandemic, it’s very important that your products must be appearing on search results; otherwise, no one will be able to find you online.SEO professionals can help create link-building campaigns around products.

  • People still need your services and products

People are always in search of products and services, and during pandemics also, the demand is still there. Organic and paid search engine marketing is the right way to reach the customer with buying intent in this current situation. SEO is not a quick solution, but you elevate a Google ads campaign and run it in a few days or hours.

  • SEO can bring success to your business in pandemic time too

It might take some time to recover from the loss, but SEO marketing will continue to make life easier. You can create an SEO campaign that will bring results for many years to come. Those results could help your business recover from the possible losses from the economic downturn. Covid-19 is impacting SEO trends significantly. Staying on top of what people are searching for and how they are searching is important.

Win Your Clients’ Trust With Content Management

A proper content management system (CMS) helps small business owners manage, organise and present information digitally through websites, blogs and online stores during this pandemic time. It can help you communicate with employees and customers in a better way and achieve strategic goals like increasing online sales. Many companies are exploring innovative content marketing techniques by sharing relevant information and building trust with their customers.

Now content marketing is a way to humanise your brand and share useful information without advertising directly. For example, if you are running a pharmacy business, your content marketing strategy would be giving tips to customers on how to wash their hands or how to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Content is structured by adopting your target audience’s voice and tone. By sharing content that is relevant to your client’s means, you can engage them so that they also tune in when you have a new product or service to promote. Most customers prefer to get to know a brand by content other than advertisements. Content marketing can boost social traffic to your pages gradually.

How Social Media Marketing Services For Small Businesses Help Retain Customers?

If your business is temporarily closed down due to pandemics, you don’t want your customers to forget about you; then social media is one of the best ways to reach them and stay always in their minds. There are more than 4.39 billion people online and 3.98 people using social media. These figures are increasing day by day. There are businesses that jump into the deep end and come out stronger by choosing social media platforms. You can leverage your business by adopting social media strategies. PPC social advertising can be a very powerful tool to reach both old and new customers during a pandemic. A paid ad on social media lets your customers know how you are moving forward or announcing when you are opening up certain services. Increasing small businesses are using social media advertising for their business growth through social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.


No doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic is a tough time for everyone. Due to lockdown and social distancing, many businesses realized that traditional marketing channels lost their effectiveness. The virus has forced everyone to rethink and adopt creative means of living. It’s the right time for smaller businesses to flourish their business by embracing digital marketing strategies. Still, there is a place to run a business and promotion with the right digital marketing solutions.



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