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Latest Website Design Statistics for 2022

In today’s digital world, a fully functional, aesthetically appealing and easy-to-use website is crucial for any business to succeed. Dubai is a business-friendly emirate, and entrepreneurs are choosing Dubai to fulfil their business dreams. As such, agencies offering services such as web design and development in Dubai are on the rise. Operating in the UAE as the most innovative website design company in Dubai that offers bespoke high-quality web design and web development services, Volga Tigris is the first choice of businesses that look for exceptional websites. 

This blog is a part of our effort to inform our customers and the general public about the latest developments in the digital solutions sector and discusses some of the most impressive website design statistics for 2022.

2 billion sites

With every business small and big having its own website, it’s not surprising that the number of websites exceeds 1.9 billion. To get the attention of customers businesses are scouting for agencies that can create unique and highly impressive website designs. With a full-fledged team of in-house web developers, we are a leading website design company in Dubai that is trusted by major brands.

Interestingly, all it takes is just 50 milliseconds for visitors to assess your business based on your web design. This means web designs need to be exceptional so that in less than a second they need to make a favorable first impression. With visitors to your site using only 50 milliseconds to take a decision on whether to stay on or leave your site, you can’t take chances with your website design.

There is no precise answer to what is the winning formula for creating an impressive website, however, design elements such as structure, colors, texts, fonts and spacing, as well as loading speed and superior functionality all contribute to a website’s appeal.

Responsive design

With people increasingly spending time on mobile phones, websites that are not mobile-friendly are abandoned by users. Google studies show that as many as 75% of internet users prefer a mobile-friendly website over those that aren’t. 

Considering the website design trends for 2022, we see a trend towards web designs that are optimized for mobile devices. While there is no denying the fact that seamless mobile experiences are crucial to engaging customers, website design statistics from Google indicate that 96 percent of consumers have had an unpleasant experience visiting sites that aren’t optimized for mobile browsing.

If you have a non-responsive website, your business reputation could be at risk. The fact that as many as 48 percent of respondents in a Google study felt annoyed by websites that are not mobile-friendly and 36 percent were annoyed by the sheer waste of time caused by such mobile-unfriendly sites. No wonder, businesses are increasingly demanding responsive sites as 90% of people access the same website through multiple devices.

Site Speed Optimization 

Interestingly enough, page load time is increasingly having an impact on bounce rate. Bouncing can go up to 32 percent as page load time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds, a Google study shows.

Thus, a definite web design element is site speed optimization, because visitors don’t hesitate to leave your site after viewing a single page or even before that if the site is slow.

According to Kissmetrics, the agreeable site load time for 47 percent of online users is less than two seconds. This is not unexpected as people’s attention span is getting shorter with advancements in digital technology. Customers know that there are plenty of alternatives on the digital domain, and don’t have the patience to wait for a slow-loading site.

According to almost 90% of web designers, slow loading is the primary reason visitors leave a website, while other factors too play a role such as non-responsiveness (73.1%), bad design and navigation features (61.5%), obsolete design (38.5%) and badly structured content (34.6%).

Personalized Shopping Experience

Pampering on a personal level is the buzzword today. Personalized ads and recommendations can greatly enhance impulse buying. In fact, as many as forty-nine percent of online shoppers indulge in impulse buying if they come across a personalized recommendation from a brand.

When it comes to online shopping what matters the most is tailored experiences. That’s why 71 percent of shoppers feel frustrated with impersonal or non-personalized shopping experiences. One size fits all won’t work anymore. Conversely, businesses that entice users with products and services that they are looking for, or are relevant to them, are found to thrive. Statistics prove this: a whopping 91 percent of consumers have made it clear that they are more likely to shop with brands that recommend or show products/services that they can connect with. Read along with this that 73 percent of e-shoppers have been found to have stopped dealing with businesses having poor personalization strategies.

Moving on to CMS, WordPress tops the list with 43.25% of all websites built with WordPress. Where content management systems are used for web development, WordPress is the leader with a share of 65.2% of all websites. There is no threat to its stature in the foreseeable future.

With CMS and a host of other development tools available in the market, the turnaround time for websites is getting shorter. Not quite, as the average turnaround time for a professional, responsive website is 2 months. This is because businesses are demanding tons of features and high performance and optimization for their sites.

The overall aesthetics of a site is also quite important. Two-thirds of people would rather prefer to read content that is beautifully designed than plain content. In brief, web designs are getting more user-friendly, feature-rich and faster, and are increasingly adopting a sublime graphic design approach.



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