Hubspot Certification

Hubspot Certification – Is it Worthy?

An individual holding a HubSpot certification is regarded as a marketing expert and is leading his way to growing his marketing knowledge and the latest digital trends. HubSpot is a regulating inbound marketing and sales software that has developed its courses as a part of their HubSpot academy.

Top HubSpot Certification

Currently, HubSpot offers 20 certifications out of many available courses; some are small and cover a one-hour duration, while others can take six hours in length. You can go for any certification according to your marketing goals and can develop more marketing skills. Here are some popular HubSpot certifications currently being offered.

Inbound Marketing Certification: This course is free and is available in 34 videos covering eight different lessons. It focuses on inbound marketing techniques that include content creation, lead generation, and converting them into satisfied customers.

Social Media Certification: social media marketing is high in demand in this digital era. Every search engine optimization (SEO) expert is the foremost need to create high-ranking results for different websites. HubSpot social media certification will help you learn brand awareness, inbound social methods, public interaction, fundamentals of strategy, and more. This course is also free and is available in 40 videos covering eight different lessons.

Content marketing certification: Creating engaging content is a skill that every marketer should know. This course is designed for in-depth training of different strategies for increasing the quality of your content consistently. This free course will help you learn other content frameworks, repurpose content, and streamline your efforts.

Email marketing certification: This comprehensive email marketing certification is set to help learn the management and segmentation of your contacts with practical analysis of your emails. Email marketing is also high in demand marketing skill, and certification of this course will help you master all the fundamentals required for it. This course is also free and covers lessons in three hours length video.

Are HubSpot Certifications Worth it?

All the HubSpot certifications are 100% free, so looking at them from a financial perspective, they are worth it. But common thinking that every individual has is that free things aren’t precisely worthy, but this isn’t true concerning these quality courses. Hubspot course videos are well-produced; they are of high quality and easy to navigate between different programs.

These certificates are worthy as many Northeastern Universities accept HubSpot academy certifications as transfer credit for their social media concentration in their master’s program.

This increases HubSpot certification trustworthiness and value. HubSpot has a research team that works on updating the studies on different trending topics. Learning from HubSpot Academy, you will gain high-quality research knowledge that will benefit you in your field.

Bottom line

If you are short inexperienced and want to develop more inbound marketing, sales, and social media, this HubSpot certification will be worthy. But if you are a more experience layer and running a marketing agency or wish to start a new marketing agency, this course will not be practical.



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