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Hire the Best UI/UX Designer from the Volga

Hire a UI / UX designer from Volga Tigris to improve your product for easy use and excellent interaction with end-users. Our user experience designers have extensive experience building websites, apps, or applications and updating customer portals. On the other hand, our UI designers can draw, move and make a design that best suits your industrial needs. We help you take your product to the next level and differentiate yourself from the competition.

At Volga Tigris, we provide our customers with innovative designs that cover and exceed the requirements of the perfect UI / UX solution, ensuring greater productivity and return on investment.

UI/UX Design Process

As a leading UI/UX design and development company, we provide UI/UX design services that implement a clear UX process that starts with product scope definition and succeeds in a series of steps according to the specified scope. The next step in the UX process includes displaying a sitemap, defining various user paths, creating wireframes, designing the user interface, and finally customizing the end product i.e UX design that creates a positive experience for your users.

UX Research

Research is the most important factor for designers. Our design team explores how the current system works with the current client’s suggestions. Our three main functions at this stage are:

  • Understand the competition.
  • A thorough study of the existing domain of the business
  • Review your competitors’ strategies and test your results.

Our UX research phase also includes an understanding of the latest UI / UX trends, design principles, and guidelines. In short, during the research phase, we conduct:

  • Generic User Research
  • Expert reviews and heuristic analysis
  • Ease of use test
  • New trends and actions
  • Ethnographic study

UX Strategy

The UI / UX design is an integral part of the product development process and determines the future or success of your product. We adopt the best approach to a successful UI design strategy by combining structure, content, and user experience in a particular way to help your business achieve its goals.

The UI UX design process takes a user-centric approach. We develop a simple, intuitive, and engaging design to impress the end-users by adopting an effective strategy. Therefore, we create a boost factor that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Customer Mapping

The experience map shows the user flow within the final product. We make an active customer mapping through appropriate interactive visualization with the customer during the product definition phase. Our team measures the key aspects of a product and its value proposition: what it is, who uses it, and why they use it. This helps our team form a consensus about what a product is and how it fits the needs of its users and the business.


If you’ve never used wireframe planning as part of your process, you’ll probably need to start it. Wireframes are a visual guide to the structure of the product. This allows you to define the information architecture, navigation design, and interface design.

Our UI/UX designers use wireframes to visualize the basic structure of future pages, such as key elements and how they are combined. The grid architecture serves as the backbone of the product and is often used by our designers as the basis for mockups and prototypes.

User Flow

User Flow helps designers understand and predict users’ cognitive patterns to create products that enable this flow mode. Fortunately, some models and prototypes govern human behavior. By combining extensive research in persuasion, human interaction with common sense, and user validation, Volga Tigris can map users’ optimal journey to trying your product. In particular, it improves ease of use, motivation, and emotional contact points. The result is a natural and intuitive website for your customers.

User Interview

User interviews are a qualitative, face-to-face procedure and one of the most common research methods. Our UI/UX research team facilitates guided conversation in which the researcher asks questions and notes the responses of the participants. The advantage of these user interviews is their flexibility and well-structured interviews that provide Volga Tigris researchers with detailed information and insights into users.

Visual Research

Visual designers as user experience experts need to consider how to validate design assumptions through research such as AI and the context in which they operate, applicable cognitive principles, interaction flows, and eye-tracking studies.

You can find that there is no “perfectly beautiful” aesthetic and delve into the role of visual design in the user experience. After all, it’s not just about cleaning things up.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis helps you gain valuable insights that can help you in a variety of ways, including increasing business profits, changing key elements in your products and services, and inspiring key team members to innovate or move in new directions. Research helps UX designers understand industry standards and identify niche product opportunities.

Our UX designers learn to research to better communicate their design practices. This allows our designers to plan this feature better and make it popular with your target audience.


Difference between UI and UX

UX design refers to the term user experience design, and UI design refers to user interface design. User interface design can be described as what the user sees while navigating the digital product, and user experience design can be described as what the user is feeling at the time.

Why Volga Tigris design

As a creative studio, Volga Tigris creates easy-to-use and theme-oriented designs that facilitate all the branding elements and business ideas our clients discuss. Our UI / UX design and development services focus on creating interfaces that make any digital interaction an enjoyable user experience. We work as an extended UX team for companies and startups and build digital products with a good user experience that deeply understands business, design, and technical aspects and emphasizes business goals.

How much does UI UX design cost?

When it comes to designing an app, it’s hard to answer the question ‘of how much? Prices depend on many things, and it is not easy to estimate accurately. However, the design cost depends on the mobile app design phase, the hourly payment of experts from different countries, and the level of application complexity, which will give you a basic understanding of the value of your app design and, to some extent on the customization of the design that the customer needs.


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