Facebook Marketing in 2021

Facebook Marketing in 2021: How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook and it's 2.2 billion unique monthly users around the world are an absolutely gigantic pool of small fish, i.e., potential customers, which you just need to attract towards you. But rather than struggling with a fishing rod, learn to create a pretty little net, which makes you want to take refuge there. The metaphor may seem odd, but creating a pro facebook marketing campaign allows you to immerse yourself among the little customer fish.

Let’s take a look at how better social media marketing can be & help you market yourself and boost your sales.

How a Facebook Page Can Make You Money

You might not know it, but having your own property page dedicated to your business can, directly and indirectly, increase your revenue. No, definitely, the professional page is not the latest fashion accessory but it is a lever to grow your business.

The Mailing List, a Privileged Communication Medium

Nowadays, direct mail does not bear much fruit; we now prefer to communicate the latest news or current promotions by email. Email is the Instant and inexpensive medium of choice if you have the email address of your prospects!

For this Facebook marketing campaign, you have the option of creating a tab on your page where your customers can directly subscribe to your mailing list. The configuration is done according to your newsletter sending tool, but you will find many very well-done tutorials that explain the manipulation like this one.

Create Events to Promote your Brand

Another way to promote your business through social media marketing is to create events. This allows your community to meet you in the flesh and possibly discover another facet of your brand or a new product; for example, Facebook pages allow this.

By creating an event on the social network, you can ensure its publicity but also directly invite your subscribers to register. Events are also used to promote a new service or product.

Online Store via Facebook to Sell its Products and Services

Professional pages are full of resources to grow your business. Especially with the e-shop functionality. You have the option of using it in addition to your own website if you sell physical products; Facebook charges no commission. E-commerce websites can also benefit from using Facebook marketing.

Also, you create your store on your page, and users can directly buy your products directly from their smartphones and the Facebook application. Treat yourself; it’s a completely free showcase and sales channel!

Targeted Advertising to find Customers.

Also, don’t forget that Facebook blithely pushes sponsored content, in other words, your ads! You can also create ads directly through your page. According to a multitude of data and customizable according to your desires and objectives, these can be configured.

It can be a carousel of clickable images directing to your e-store or even a presentation video for your next upcoming event. Pay-per-click marketing campaigns can help you create an effective and targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

Action Buttons on Facebook Business Pages

Finally, don’t neglect your business page setup. Indeed, you can directly configure clickable action buttons so that users only have to click to obtain your contact details, call you or send you a message. With the call button, mobile users just have to click to call you! The users just have to go with the flow because that is what is at stake: that your prospects have the minimum effort to make to become your customers.


After reading this article, you will have understood the full potential of a social media marketing dubai for your business and all that it can bring you. It is up to you to take charge of this free and easy-to-access tool to increase your visibility on the web and your notoriety with your customers.



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