Benefits of SEO

Benefits Of SEO

When we talk about SEO or rather Search Engine Optimization, we mean the set of techniques and strategies aimed at indexing websites and positioning in search engines for non-paid results called ” organic results “. The goal of SEO is to improve the technical and content structure of a website by increasing traffic from search engines and bringing people who are interested in the product/service offered.

Here are the main advantages of having a website optimized thanks to SEO positioning:

Increase in traffic: The top positions on search engine results pages receive the most impressions and clicks; being at the top of this ranking can lead to significant traffic increases for your website. SEO also focuses on creating relevant title tags, i.e. keywords and meta descriptions that appear on the results pages. Having optimized tags and descriptions helps to increase the click-through rate; this leads to an increase in qualified web traffic.

ROI: SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results, regardless of whether you are an e-commerce or not. Specialists can track almost every aspect of their strategies, such as rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Cost-effective: SEO is one of the most profitable marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively searching for your products and services online. Its inbound nature helps companies save money as opposed to existing strategies.

Increased Site Usability: To make your site easier for search engines to visit, SEO simultaneously helps make your website easier to visit for users as well. The SEO service consists of reorganizing the architecture and links of the site in such a way as to make the pages within site easier to find and visit. This not only makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and find your pages, but it also makes it easier for users to find information on your website.

Brand Awareness: Since being in the top positions of the rankings elicits significant impressions, having your website in these top positions on the results pages translates into greater exposure for your site. Also, being on the front page for targeted keywords not only helps users associate your brand with those keywords but instils trust, as companies on the first page are generally perceived to be more trustworthy.

SEO Agency Dubai

An SEO agency in dubai puts in place the necessary strategies to improve the search engine rankings of a website or blog. An essential operation for any online promotion of a service or product

The creation of a website is only the starting point to begin to promote online activities. The second step is to be found by new customers. To do this, you need to work on the organic positioning of the website with an optimization and positioning activity: SEO, One of the most important areas of web marketing. SEO is a discipline that requires competence, professionalism, experience, and above all, time. For this, you must contact an SEO agency or SEO consultants.

An SEO agency in dubai offers a multidisciplinary approach to consolidating an online business and sales project. The SEO agency implements all the necessary strategies to improve the positioning on the search engines of a website or a blog. An essential activity to obtain greater visibility and reach potential customers.

SEO agency Dubai can improve the quality of a website’s traffic. In addition to helping the site rank higher in search engine results, the SEO agency steps in to find keywords that match the search terms used by the target audience. Bringing more targeted and qualified traffic increase your chances of influencing conversions. This is because the people who visit the site are genuinely interested in those products or services.

The SEO agency Dubai takes care of online activities and, in particular, verifies that a site is:

  • User friendly
  • Designed to be mobile-first or at least responsive
  • Safe and fast
  • The content conforms to what we require potential customers
  • Based on an SEO-oriented content marketing activity
  • Able to keep up with the competition and the reference market

SEO Strategy

A clear SEO strategy is a prerequisite for building the success of your website. The first step in building a result-oriented SEO strategy is to define the purpose of your website. Every other phase of the strategy will derive from this purpose. There are a lot of good reasons to open a website. Here is a small list of the most common possible purposes (without any pretence of completeness):

  • To share information on a topic.
  • To share personal or social information.
  • To express an opinion or point of view.
  • To entertain.
  • To sell products or services.
  • To generate new leads with potential customers.
  • To raise funds.
  • To provide assistance on their products or services.
  • To allow users to post questions and receive answers from other users.
  • To allow users to share files or software downloads.

SEO Process

Defining the purpose of your site and identifying the goals you are trying to achieve is the key not only to a good ranking but also to an SEO process that produces real business results.

Phase 1: Analysis: it includes:

  • Analysis of the existing structure of the website and the frequency of indexing by Google
  • Current page rank
  • Evaluation of inbound link popularity and internal linking processes
  • Evaluation of the relationship between outbound volume and links versus inbound links
  • Review the quality and relevance of areas where existing links exist
  • Identify the no-follow percentage and follow the links
  • Analysis of meta tags, h1 tags and titles as viewed by search engines
  • Overview of current website traffic and the keywords driving the traffic
  • Evaluation of competitors
  • Review how often content is added/updated
  • Discover all dynamic pages and improper URL names

Phase 2: Development strategy: Based on your site analysis, your strategy to improve your site’s ranking includes a mix of the following practices:

  • Analysis of targeted keywords and development of a keyword list that will be focused within the campaign based on search popularity and relevance to the site
  • A review of specific changes needed to improve the site itself (regarding the website structure, sitemap, title tag, meta / h1 tag, header etc.)
  • An assessment of the overall needs for other content on the site.
  • A strategic approach to building a detailed link-building strategy with a focus on different link sources, such as blogs, links, sidebar links, footer links, wiki posts, and additional sources.
  • A well-developed action plan on which to start the campaign to improve the ranking

Phase 3: Implementation: The final stage will be the consistent strategic implementation of the developed plans, including the following:

  • Begin the link-building process to improve your search engine rankings
  • Creation of monthly reports that we will send you in order to have a clear idea of ​​the results, the progress that is being made and the objectives that are going to be achieved

Search Engine Optimization

Google is currently the most used search engine in the world, and it reaches 95% for mobile devices. Having said that, it is natural to think that positioning google is the focus of a Search engine optimization project, and the study of the Google algorithm and its periodic updates plays a role of fundamental importance.

Occupying one of the top positions in the results of search engines is a competitive advantage, not indifferent, and Search engine optimization will help us improve the site’s ranking in google by providing optimization engines effectively and efficiently. Therefore, knowing how a search engine “thinks,” i.e. knowing the factors that influence the indexing algorithm, it is possible to adopt strategies to increase a site’s position.


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